Postcard from Cumbria

image Good evening from Ulverston in Cumbria. I’ve come to the Lake District to visit Barrow in Furness to do two mediumship demonstrations at Harley St Spiritualists church. As we drove along the peninsula towards the town the magnificent mountains reminded me of the beauty of Mother Earth. Later, walking along a street full of pink and white blossom, as the sky faded from blue into shades of pink, I could feel the Earth’s energy pulse beneath my feet. Sometimes it’s good to break from your routine. To get away to somewhere new so that you see things from a different place. Cumbria happens to be that place today.

There were a lots of laughs during the service tonight – perhaps a little of the Laurel & Hardy energy was flowing around the area. I love the way that the Spirit World stage manage things to bring such uplifting enjoyment. They always want us to feel happier going out of the door than when we first came in. So strong links, great evidence and loving messages together with fun will always be my formula for working with my Guides. Being in Cumbria today gave me a chance to recognise that.

Away from Hebden Bridge, even for a short while, also moved my attention out of my usual Sunday routine at the Centre. I missed being there to greet, chat and catch up with the people who will have called in. I’m sure everything went as smoothly as ever but I recognised my impulse to post a ‘Wish you were here’ comment to my Facebook wall.  I wanted to share the fun and enjoyment of my whole day with everyone. That is why I’m sending this little postcard blog tonight. I hope your day has been positive, fun and full of Light too.

Day 174 of my blogging challenge. 

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