Poetry brings peace

imageOne of the things that I do is write poetry. It’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. I love words (I get to use them a lot, lol) and, before my writers block, enjoyed filling notebooks with poems, song lyrics, stories and reflections. Writing things down has also been my way of moving stuck feelings out of my system. There is something freeing in letting the words describe how I feel then letting the written page go. I’m not surprised that my Guides work with me through writing as well as speaking. Or that they keep encouraging me to write, write, write.

I don’t often share my poetry. I’m not sure why. So for my blog today I want to post some of the pieces that brought me peace when I wrote them. They helped me to express feelings I needed to acknowledge and they inspired me to keep moving forward. I have no idea if the poetry is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and really don’t care. They are here to encourage you to write too. Whatever you are feeling help yourself to get it out of your system by writing it down. If you find you can’t express what you want to say find a piece of poetry that says it for you. Keep that poem with you, read it out loud as many times as it takes and let your feelings flow. Find the peace that comes from knowing how you feel, being OK to express it and moving on when that feeling has passed.

Written in August 2008 this is a piece about my Mum that was written as I headed towards the first anniversary of my Dad’s death. He had loved her so much & couldn’t wait to go to her in the Spirit World.

At times with Mum I was so cross

Not realising the scale of loss

Of one who’s love was ever clear

Though having me cost her dear.

Now I myself become a mother

I realise something about the other,

Who held me close and dried my tears

was there to deal with all my fears.

She wasn’t perfect, far from it,

But never faltered, not a bit,

In giving me the best of care

And always trying to be there.

Niw she rests in a higher place

And how I miss her dear face.

But I am strong and I can see

Because of what she gave to me

She made her kiss something I can bear

Until at last I join her there.

This is one I wrote about my daughter in March 2007 when I was learning about our past lives together.

A smile. A giggle.

A laughing eye.

How the world looks when a child is nigh.

A tear. A frown.

A moment feeling down.

Little Miss Sunshine. Little Miss Showers.

These are the ways we pass the hours.

A part of me but Spirit transcending

Our time on Earth is always ending.

Joy, delight, a choice made

A soul returning, a debt repaid.

A shining light to guide the way,

A warm cuddle on a rainy day.

Before life began

We chose each other

And I am blessed to be your mother.

If I have inspired you to write something – a poem, a few words or more – please share it in the comments. I would be delighted to read your reflections.
Day 96 of my blogging challenge.

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