Planting Seeds Of Dreams In The New Moon

plantingI wondered today how much clearing I had done in the last two weeks. I’m sure I’ve done plenty to prepare the ground for planting seeds of new dreams. And tonight is the perfect time to begin that process. The New Moon is here.

Of course there have been lots of New Moons in my life. And me planting, requesting and imagining new dreams. I know that not all that I have asked for has manifested. Yet. I also know that some of the seeds I planted withered away through my lack of enthusiasm. Or my lack of energy. Some of them died in their early growth because I realised they weren’t growing well. And some never even got going because I realised they were other people’s seeds. Planting the right wishes, tending and taking care of them has given me many of my dreams. Feeding my hopes and dreams with positive energy has helped. As have all the little steps I’ve taken to bring them into reality.

So why do I keep on planting? Should I have reached all of my big dreams by now? Of course I have to recognise that each time I plant something the person harvesting that crop of seeds is a different me. And as I have changed so my dreams have also moved on. I want different things now than I did at twenty one. Although there are one or two wishes that remain the same. I will plant them once again in the light of the New Moon and see what happens. I can also recognise that, in the same way Mother Earth has cycles of growing different things, so do I. One year it may be my intuition. Another year I might be growing my compassion. Or my strength. Underneath all of these cycles is the connection to love. The ultimate life force that brings me my dreams.

Are you planting the seeds of your dreams yet? Have you chosen to grow all of the things you love and are passionate about. Will you be using the New Moon energy to ask for your biggest wishes? Now is a perfect time to recognise all that you require and desire. Make sure you ask for it all. Work on creating your own fabulous garden of blooms to delight your life.

Day 812 of my blogging challenge

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