Planet Earth is Blue. Something I can do?

img_2231It’s been another floaty day. The energy of the full moon, spiral energy and ArchAngel Shimea – no wonder I’m out in space tonight. Often when I feel like this I like to look at our planet. It’s a really interesting way to notice things.

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I enjoy looking at everything from a different point of view every once in a while. From the suggestion that cars have feelings too, clouds must wonder why we are scurrying around and Spirits are frequently telling us to chillax. It seems to me that we often loose our wider vision. Our focus gets tied to material needs. I know it’s hard to step away from the material and practical aspects of life. We all need to eat, to have shelter and be safe. I also know that we all need to connect with each other at some level. Humans are social animals. Our ways of connecting usually come through the search for ‘love’ mediated through our need for the food, shelter and security mentioned before. That’s how I see it down here on the planet.

But what about out there amongst the stars. A line from Space Oddity, one of David Bowie‘s most famous songs, is going around my head. “Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do”. Seen from space, our planet is mostly the blue of the oceans. At times you can see the land when the clouds clear and at night the planet lights up with all of our neon. There is no sense that this world is occupied by anything. From far enough out it looks like lapis lazuli (at night) or cloudy opal (during the day). A rare jewel against a backdrop of other shining beads. When I look at Mother Earth from a great distance humanity fades. Our claims to the land, the sea and to natural resources are like the ants claiming grains of soil or sand. Pretty small concerns really.

That’s the fascinating thing. As a human ant I work hard for my share of the abundance. My focus is on me. On my own survival. How restricted my view is. The planet has been here millions of years. I have no doubt it will be here for millions more.

My impact is insignificant. Perhaps as human beings we should start to acknowledge that. The Universe continues without our input. The planet spins without us. The moon rises and sets. There is nothing I or you can do to alter the vastness of space or the enduring nature of star systems. The stars will not fade until long after we have become extinct or have evolved away from being physical. So why do I need to ‘own’ any part of this wonderful world? Why do I treat some parts of it as precious and others as not? And why am I busy chasing more material ‘stuff’ that I can’t take into an Afterlife with me?

When I focus on how small my concerns are set against the backdrop of the Earth I regain a sense of perspective. I can set aside the sense of urgency I feel when driven by a fear that I lack my basic survival needs. I can focus instead on my legacy. After all, if I am only here for a nanosecond of Universal existence the I had better use my abilities to the utmost. I must try to contribute as much as I can. So that the ones inheriting the Earth after me don’t have to start from scratch. I wonder if that’s why our ancestors built so many structures or worked so hard to pass on the stories and traditions of their times? Perhaps they too had looked at life with a planet eyed view.

Day 336 of my blogging challenge.

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