Pitting Heart Against Head: What About My Spirit?

pittingSometimes it seems like I have taken a giant step backwards. When I’m pitting my heart against my head and getting stuck. No wonder I seem to procrastinate a lot!

In the battle between my intuition and my logic I often find myself feeling really, really frustrated. Especially when I feel I need to act. But I don’t know what action will be the best. Or right. It’s taken me a long time to recognise that I have a pattern of pitting my heart against my head. Of recognising that change is in the incoming energy but my Ego Mind is too busy rehearsing all of my fears about change. When, if I wait for the time to pass, all that needs to change will do so easily. My first lesson to myself was to learn to hold the opposing energies of my heart and my head. To keep calm and know that there would be a point when my head and heart agreed.

Over time I have stopped pitting one part of me against the other. I guess I have learned patience. And the wisdom to only take action when both my mind and heart agree. But I have also learned something else. Something I never used to consider. There is a third voice in the debate. My Spirit. The part of me that is eternal, recognises there is a blueprint and is happy to let extraordinary things happen to keep me on plan. Until I realised that my Spirit had a say, the trio had to be in agreement, I found my heart and mind reached agreement on things my Spirit would never want me to do. I’ve actually been down quite a few blind alleys because I have failed to recognise the prompts from my Spirit.

Now I know that I also have to avoid pitting my heart and mind against my Spirit. I take time every day or two to let myself be quiet. To sit and be still so that I can hear my own Spirit voice offering me support and advice. And I move forward only when I am sure that all three parts of me are happy with what has been decided. Are you struggling to change or adapt? Have you listened to your Spirit recently? Let it help you to work out the perfect way forward.

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