Peace through Social Media?

imageBeing away from connection is an interesting experience. Today I managed to load some of my blogs onto the web site. I also had a look at what was happening in social media world.

It is a world. As ‘real’ as this one, where people put up fake identities, or spill the beans big style or gloss over the true way they feel. Or another hiding place. Like a potential fantasy of who we would like to portray ourselves as. Some people take it so much to heart. Others play games one way or another. For some it’s the only way they feel like they can be their real selves. As if by one or two social media posts they can form deep friendships with everyone.

Social media can also be uncompromisingly truthful. People actually reveal far more than they think. Or find out more about themselves and other than perhaps they expect. I often wonder if social media is the mechanism by which all of our hidden thoughts and feelings will finally be acknowledged. It’s an interesting idea. Perhaps in one way I and everyone else are finding our authentic selves. Maybe our voices become truthful without us even realising.

I see lots of positive posts, helpful information and encouraging, supportive posts. But I also notice an awful lot of dross.

How do I use those golden nuggets of positive energy? That’s the key to the social media world. In giving everyone a voice I know it will bring words I find unhelpful, alarming or unsettling. So I have to be selective. Ready and prepared to skip over the posts or pictures that have a negative pull. Not to deny there is negativity in the world. To make sure that I stay able to transmit my positivity into the ether too.

Each one of us is busy manifesting the world. I’ve written before about our responsibility as co-creators of our lives. It’s up to me and to you to use out energy in a way that manifests the greater good for all. Many things will get in the way to distort my energy if I let them. The key is understanding the energy of lack. It’s based upon a misunderstanding of the energy we call money, misapplied by a misunderstanding of the energy of love and driven along by the energy of fear. Lack thinking affects the way I am able to manifest because it distorts my energy. Even if I think it doesn’t.

I may not feel like I lack anything. The reality is lots of other people do feel that way.

So I am swimming in an ocean of lack. Perhaps I’m even drowning in that ocean. It’s hard not to swallow some of that energy at times. Staying afloat requires me to be conscious of my feelings and thoughts all of the time. Building the psychological ‘muscles’ to do that is hard work! Being patient with myself enough to know that I will slip back every now and again. Looking at social media, at any for of human interaction for that matter, I have to understand the Spirit is within everyone and everything. No matter if I am in my ego or they are in theirs. I must try to step into my Spirit all the time.

That is the wonder of social media too. If I can interact from my Spirit perspective I can share a bit of spiritual positivity in the ocean of energy. I can create a ripple of manifesting from love. Lack disappears when I love myself. It fades when I love others. And ceases to exist when I love Mother Earth. I will always have everything I need. I can manifest it as I need it.

Have you been working hard? Dreaming of success? Wanting something from the Universe? How have you been asking for it?

It’s time to recognise that I have to use my authentic voice and energy to manifest abundance. Only a positive flow in my energy will bring me the positive flow I want back. I think very carefully about how I use social media to make my inner requests concrete in the outer world. My words will frame what I bring back to myself. They are the expression of my true wishes. And words are very tricky. Old magic, the magic we have forgotten, teaches that in asking for something I must first know the true name of what I want. So if I’m dreaming of a ‘successful venture’ I must be able to put that into words that bring me what I want.

Asking for love, luck and happiness will only work for me if I am able to define those terms fully and accurately. I find this an important consideration. Many of us are sending positive wishes for peace via social media. That energy will manifest eventually. I know it could be much quicker if we had a shared agreement of what peace actually meant. How would world peace look, feel, be for me? And, more importantly, how would it look, feel, be for others? That’s the challenge social media can help us with. Letting my voice and all the others discuss, share and identify the real feel of a peaceful world. And for all of us to join in asking for it to manifest.

Day 257 of my blogging challenge.

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