Peace: agree to disagree

imagePeace has been very much on my mind today. How do we achieve peace of mind even, if we are unable to achieve peacefully living with each other? One of the things I love about a good discussion is that by talking it through we can often agree on some shared understanding. Debating something is a valuable way of sharing my point of view, listening to other points of view and deciding whether my original position has changed. That process is a way of coming to a consensus as we agree to ‘see’ or understand something the same way.¬†There are times, however, when we disagree. And perhaps we disagree very strongly with the other point of view. So much so that agreeing seems out of reach.

One of the talking points I often have with my Guides is about world peace (I like to start with the hard questions then move onto the easy ones, lol). In the beginning I wanted to know how & why any Divine Being would permit the aggression and violence that we have in this reality. They worked really hard to explain about free will and choice. Over and over they showed me their agreement as Spirit beings to use energy only for the greater good of all. In essence they choose to be of service to each other with no desire for an individual need or want. In fact it seems it’s impossible to consider only your individual position. They explained that the place a Spirit goes to consider things from an individual viewpoint is this Earth life.

This is a place where we can do what we want, where we choose if our actions are for the benefit ourself or for the benefit of everyone. This choice isn’t influenced by the Divine Being. We are pretty much left to our own devices. So we can be greedy, we can force others to do what we want and we can hurt people if we wish. We may have an internal debate about what we are choosing to believe or do. In fact we have a saying – The end justified the means – to give ourselves permission to do what we want. So we can disagree. Strongly. We can take action to impose our view on others. We can ‘defend’ our right to think unpleasant or outrageous things about other people. We can argue that we are the only one who is right.

The Divine Being (if that is your point of view) has created circumstances where we can experience the consequences of when we disagree. Those consequences can come at us full on. They can even lead to violence and war. It all depends how strongly you want to hold onto your viewpoint. How much you are prepared to disagree and take action to support your position. We can also experience the consequences of when we share an agreement. Not the ‘oh, I give in’ sort of agreement or the ‘I give way to your forcefulness’ sort either. If we can reach a consensus (something very different from compromise) ¬†where we can acknowledge each other’s needs and work out the best way to share in a positive outcome then we have true agreement. Collaborating to deliver the agreed outcomes is then an act of service to each other where both or all benefit.

My Guides were very clear in telling me that world peace is actually in our own hands. Not theirs or of the Divine Being. Ours. I though a lot about this. It must look very strange from the outside. We disagree & fight over who is in charge. We disagree & fight about who owns this or that bit of land. We disagree & fight over who & what the Divine Being is. So much disagreement. What if we agreed that it was ok to disagree? What if, in every debate, we enjoyed the discussion then ended by agreeing that we would disagree where necessary but agree wherever possible? What if we went on to make choices that gave us the flexibility to disagree? What if we got so comfortable with the idea that it was ok to disagree we stopped trying to force compromises or agreement?

I have always believed that world peace is possible. I’d like to feel it was inevitable. Perhaps when we are comfortable enough to enjoy agreeing to disagree we will stop picking fights with those who don’t see the world the same way as us. You might not agree with me about some or any of the above. I’m happy to peacefully agree to disagree!

Day 74 of my blogging challenge.

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