Patient Progress: Passing Places, Giving Way

Patient passingI have to be patient approaching my retreat. It’s at the end of a quiet road only wide enough for two average sized vehicles to go past each other. There are passing places and often I have to give way to larger vehicles. It’s too tight to otherwise.

As I drove along the road today it seemed quieter than usual. When I arrived on Saturday a lot of cars were driving out and back. So I found myself waiting for people to pass. Although I was excited to get to my place of quiet I knew I had to be patient. So today’s drive was a nice change. And it gave me time to think about the way this new energy is starting to shape my life. The road I’m now on has a destination. Though I don’t know where I’m going. It’s quite a narrow track because it’s time for me to focus on the mission I came here to do. Even if I have no idea what the mission will be.

Every now and again there is a passing place. A space for me to give way to those travelling faster or in the opposite direction. Also a space for me to pause for a moment and check in with where I’m going. Becuase my road may be travelled by others. Yet I have to be patient with myself that I can travel it any way I wish. And let others travel it in their own way. Each time I stop I can check my progress. How far is left to go and where have I come from. Giving myself encouragement that I will get to my destination in the end. ¬†Occasionally I meet the local wild life in the road. Another pause in my journey until my path is clear again.

It’s a relief to recognise that the purpose is the journey, not the destination. My progress is what matters. So I can let myself be patient with the stops and starts in my life. And give way to those who are driven by impatience to hurry ahead. Or move past those who are stuck in fear without letting them hold me back.

Day 644 of my blogging challenge 

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