Passionately Planning Projects

I’m in love! I’ve spent most of my last two days passionately planning all sorts of stuff in my new Passion Planner. I owe this surge of energy to my friend Fiona. She encouraged me to get hooked on planning.

Of course over my adult life I’ve done a lot of planning. Project and Programme management were my stock in trade in the corporate world. I have to keep a diary so I know where I’m meant to be. Church bookings are usually done a year in advance too. I’ve also done a plan every year for my business. Or to launch new projects. But I don’t feel I’ve ever been inspired to work at my planning so passionately. Even though I know that manifesting what you want works best when you send your wishes off charged with passion.

The Universe needs to know that I really want what it can send to me. The amount of energy I put into my Wish List sets the speed at which the dreams are delivered. And if I’m unclear or half hearted about anything the Universe struggles to shape the energy into what I want. I’ve learned to be as clear as possible about what I wish for. Trying to remove all my negative language from my requests. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ve had to overcome that niggle of doubt and a mind set that I don’t deserve what I’m asking for. Passionately wanting something is no good if I’m not open to receiving it.

That’s where I am inspired by my new planner. Bit by bit it’s getting me to focus on exactly what I’m passionate about. Which means I can let the rest go.

Even though I’ve been letting go for a long time now it’s still a challenge. Especially as I used to say yes to things too easily. I felt obliged to be busy on behalf of others. It’s an old energy of believing I have to be responsible for everyone else if they ask me to be. But since I started to practice saying no letting go has been much easier. However I know how easy it is to get stuck with deciding what exactly I want to be doing in the future. The future is an uncertain place. And ¬†Energy Being work can bounce me from what I expected to be doing into a completely different task as I pick up intuitive shifts in energy.

Yet my Passion Planner has plenty of space for these sudden shifts. There are some great questions to get me focused on the big picture. With some inspiring tools to break that big picture down into it’s smaller components. Lots of encouraging words and sayings. Plenty of blank spaces to add in more suggested areas to plan for. It’s as if the Planner is passionately supportive of my need to focus. I certainly want that focus. I’ve been looking at my five year plan for the last few weeks. There are some things I’ve already got underway. Yet my Guides keep reminding me that the surge of new energy all through this year is here to help me manifest more than I am currently dreaming about.

I know I need to dream bigger. Be more adventurous. Let myself imagine a passionately expansive future full of everything that is good.

Perhaps it’s my passion for excellence leaping out of the Planner at me. To remind me how much I’m prepared to give to be the best me I can be. So that my passion in sending out for what I want will bring the passion of enjoying everything that I get to do. That sounds like a great way to live. It also feels achievable. I’m excited to see what the Universe delivers back to me over the coming weeks and months. I’m certain there are going to be surprises. Good ones I’m sure. Because I know life has ups, downs and complete turn arounds. I’ve survived before and I will again. It’s time for me to passionately embrace my life and plan for an amazing future.

Day 440 of my blogging challenge.

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