Parashiel: The ArchAngel Of Earth’s Healing

ParashielI’ve had a lovely day doing readings at one of my favourite places, Gallery 339 in Halifax. Whilst I was setting up for the readings I found myself sitting with ArchAngel Parashiel at my side. I knew that the messages today were all intended to bring powerful healing.

Parashiel stepped into my life several years ago along with the other Earth’s ArchAngels. These Energy Beings are the Earth’s Guardian Angels bringing the wisdom and energy we all need to rebalance and transform the Earth. Parashiel has a particular responsibility. He works hand in hand with ArchAngel Raphael to inspire and work with all healers. Being up close and personal, so to speak, means Parashiel can boost the healing energy available in the healing process. I have worked with him in my healing energy practice for a couple of years now. So I felt really excited to bring his energy into the mix with the loved ones who were stepping forward from the Spirit side.

Because I also know that his energy brings about powerful shifts in the people who choose to recieve and use it. This year is all about powerful shifts. I know that it’s time for me and others to really dedicate ourselves to the mission we came for. My life purpose is calling me forward. But I have to be free of all that I have let hold me back. That is where Parashiel helps. He steps in and lift the energy from me simply and easily. Reminding me that I am powerful in my own life because I have choices. Keeping me focused on giving the best of myself. And removing the fear based blocks I have put in my own way. Parashiel encourages me to connect to my intuition and recieve all the help and support I need.

No wonder the energy transfer is a powerful process. And that I am grateful to work with this ArchAngel passing on the healing energy to others. My day is ended and it has been a very healing one. For me and others. I hope tomorrow will be the same.

Day 779 of my blogging challenge 

If you would like to recieve a blast of Parashiel’s energy please click to pop over to YouTube for the video

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