Parashiel’s Balm

imageBalm. Something comforting or soothing. Parashiel. One of the Earth’s ArchAngels here to remind us of our wisdom, love and community. Today I have been working in close connection with Parashiel’s own balm.

I have been working with spiritual healing energy and Reiki for some time. I know that some people are uncertain about energy healing. There are all sorts of issues around the idea that we can rebalance our own energy and promote our wellbeing in this way. I make no claims about what I do. I observe what people say the effects of my work with them produce. They appear to find benefits in having sessions where energy is transferred from me to them.

When I am doing Reiki that is what happens. I feel as if I am receiving additional energy and it is passing through me to the person I am working with. I feel like I have specific Energy Beings around me who connect me to the Universal flow. Almost like being dropped into a current of warm water. As that warmth fills me it ends up mostly in my hands. Then my hands radiate the warmth through to the aura and body of the person having Reiki. Each person experiences what I transfer differently. That is the nature of the energy. It goes where it is needed.

When I met Parashiel doing Reiki treatments I felt a difference at once. His energy was somehow more powerfully loving. I felt calm and comfortable.

Of course, at the time I was also busy discovering the other eleven Earth’s ArchAngels. Getting accustomed to all the different energy signals was a challenge for me. They sometimes appeared all together and sometimes in ones or twos. I had a lot to learn. As I learned about all of them I also began to experience a difference in my healing. Parashiel somehow gave things a bit more umph, a bit more power, an ‘added extra’. It’s actually hard for me to describe what exactly it is. But it comes from a fully open heart chakra.

Working with energy vibrations isn’t a hierarchy. The energy of an Angel isn’t better than the energy of an Elemental or a Spirit. They all bring in healing Rays of the one Universal energy. I believe there is only one Light. I believe it is the energy of Unconditional Love. Each Energy Being brings a flavour of how they experience the Universal flow. Somehow what I got from Parashiel was more deeply loving. I felt he cared very much how humanity needs to find a way to rebalance our love for ourselves. His balm was to bring this rebalancing as an experience for me.

I feel I am very blessed. Parashiel’s balm is part of my daily life. He stands alongside me when I am giving my Reiki treatments. He reminds me that healing energy is for everyone because it is really the transfer of Unconditional Love.

So I do my best to send out this energy in as many ways as I can. My blog, my art, my Centre – all are part of the energy of the Light. Theses are ways of providing comfort and soothing when life is turbulent. Not only for me but for anyone else I can help. I’m really excited as I end today. Tomorrow I’m doing a live broadcast on Facebook that will be a first for me. Parashiel wants me to transmit his energy through the channel of the Internet so that people can share in his balm. I have no idea how it will go but if even one person shares in the comfort this wonderful ArchAngel can bring I will have done what I know I came here for. Roll on 8am BST ?

Day 231 of my blogging challenge. 

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