Paranormal Passion Investigated?

One of the things I enjoy doing is going on a paranormal investigation. In other words looking for things that are impossible to explain by natural forces or by science.

In some ways I was a paranormal investigator long before I found out I could connect with Spirits as a medium. I always wanted to know why places were said to be haunted. And how. Also what was causing the supposed haunting. It all came back to my mind today when I was looking at some listings for paranormal events. I thought how differently I view my previous passion for disproving (or proving) the paranormal exsisted. Now that it’s an every day part of my experiences the passion has faded a little. I still enjoy visiting new sites, hearing the stories and waiting to see if anything happens. But I have an extra layer to my experience. I know if there really is something there or not.

It seems I’ve become a little sceptical about the claims around paranormal activity. In fact I wonder sometimes if there are two distinct Spirit Worlds. The one I know and trust completely and the one where all sorts of apparently scary stuff happens. Especially as the scary stuff seems ever more extreme. I know that Spirits interact with this world. It’s my job to connect with them and experience their interaction with us. However I have very rarely come across Spirits who can throw chairs, knives or get me running screaming. Most of this seems to be a form of hype. Because for most investigations not a lot actually happens. Except you get cold. And, if it’s a late night, tired.

Please don’t misunderstand. I feel that paranormal investigations serve a useful purpose. First they get people thinking about the possibility of an Afterlife. Or none.

After all, if you are certain that there is nothing when you die there really is no need to investigate further. By visiting a place where phenomena are reported to occur there is always the scope to find something happening to change your current position. I find that we are on a line between there is nothing at all afterwards to a complete vision of what it is afterwards. Over the years I’ve moved along that line. Even forwards and back a few times. Until I found enough experiences to help me decide I believed in what came afterwards. I think I managed to bypass the scary for scary’s sake type of events. Mostly.

Because that’s another reason people go along to see what happens. They want to be frightened. Watching a horror movie isn’t enough anymore. It’s all about fear. Although it’s really difficult to investigate anything when someone is screeching in your ear every five seconds becuase the lights are off. Paranormal meets Hammer House of Horrors. Not necessarily the best way to explore interesting occurrences. Setting aside the scare factor I feel paranormal investigations are good for another’s reason. They push at the boundaries of science as we currently understand it. Whether the theories are proved correct or not doesn’t really matter. Scientific enquiry helps us learn more about our reality.

Which brings me back to knowing if there is Spirit present or not. My way of investigating has turned into a different passion. Because my perception of reality has changed.

Investigations led me to experiences that finally got me talking to Spirits. Over a period of time my intuitive psychic senses woke up, started working and provided me with a means of communication. I still like all the equipment, meters and cameras. But I have better internal senses now. I can also ask for and get the kind of effects that the Spirit World use to show us they are there. I have those experiences every day. Most of the day. Now my passion is for communication through my direct experiences. I believe it’s the best and only way to investigate.   But I encourage everyone to go on a well conducted paranormal or ghost event. You might surprise yourself by developing a passion for finding out more.

Day 479 of my blogging challenge.

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