Outside, Looking In: Inspiration Strikes

I had an early start this morning. Workmen were coming to fix the ceiling at the Centre. As I rushed across to my office I was looking around as I expected them to be waiting outside. They weren’t.

In fact they didn’t arrive for a couple of hours. I suppose I could have got myself worked up about the delay. I was mildly irritated that I’d reorganised myself to be there. But I enjoyed an opportunity to do a bit more planning work. Stepping outside all the tasks I still want to do before I give myself two weeks off work I had a chance to look at what I’d built this year. And, more importantly, what was going to be added on next year. Sometimes this looking inside generates more inspirations and insights.

I realised as I let my mind idle along that I am very good at being on the outside looking in. Being a counsellor that is what I’ve been trained to do anyway. But being an intuitive medium I also stand outside helping the Spirits who are looking in too. With my help they can connect with the people they love and support them still. Later today I used my skill of being on the outside to look into some issues for people. Life choices can be hard to make when your head and heart can’t quite agree. I know that having someone who can reflect your thinking back to you can clear the confusion really quickly.

That’s why I pay attention to my Guides. I also pay attention to the people I trust to advise me. If I’m really stuck I go and see a professional who’s job it is to stand on the outside.

I’m really keen to encourage everyone to make the connection with their Guides. Mainly because at 4am in the morning when something is still going around in my head who can I speak to? I know they have been outside looking in. Waiting for me to ask for their help. I ask my Guides for help in many ways. I use my Tarot or Oracle cards. Sitting quietly I try to pay attention to the thoughts that seem a little bit less like mine. I open any book nearby to see what turns up on a random page. Or I switch on the radio to see what tune is playing. I’m never disappointed. Something always comes through.

Standing outside can become a healthy way to encourage myself to make changes. I like to look at situations from several pairs of shoes. If I can look into what other way people might be viewing me, or my actions, I can decide if their view has any insight for me. Because every life story has a different meaning for everyone involved. I might see a situation one way but the person standing outside of my life might see it very differently. Of course, in the end, I can only do the best I can. But that is good enough. Life isn’t perfect and I am learning to be comfortable with that realisation.

Stepping outside my self to look inward has helped me to recognise what I do well. Those things where I am good enough. And also those things where I can change to continue to be good enough. By being on the outside looking in I hope to help people for a long time to come.

Day 396 of my blogging challenge.

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