Orchestra Evening: Music To My Ears

Todmorden OrchestraI had a lovely treat this evening. I went out with a friends to a concert. Todmorden Orchestra were playing the waltz music so famous in Vienna. I had planned a stay at home night but thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I love music and enjoy a wide variety of styles. The orchestra were playing music I would certainly tap my foot too. Or waltz along with. So I found it very uplifting. And also inspiring. Especially when I realised one of my Guides was standing behind me enjoying the music of the orchestra too. He was prompting me to notice how well they were playing. And how each note flowed, apparently effortlessly, from each musician. The conductor wafted his baton around and everyone seemed to know exactly what was required of them. The sound was unified. Even when I picked out one instrument or another the rest fitted around that one. It was, to me, a demonstration of perfect harmony.

I’m sure that my Guide wanted me to notice. Because as I thought about the harmony of the orchestra and musicians I also remembered how much dedication, discipline and practice is needed to learn to play an instrument. Plus all the hours of practice required to make it seem effortless. Each musician had individually reached a high standard in their performance. Then they had the task of learning to blend their individual sound into a mix with lots of other people. All without overshadowing, diminishing or drowning each other out. The conductor had to help them bring the best out of themselves and each other. How like life I thought. And mediumship. It is the mix or blend that matters. I know we have to do better at putting our energy together with other people’s.

This planet is home to the human orchestra. Lof us are still learning to play our instrument, only a few have become really good and the conductors are a bit slow in stepping forward. I hope that we can eventually play all the challenging pieces that are waiting for us. And finally come together to make beautiful music that uplifts us all.

Day 786 of my blogging challenge

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