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images-39Oh dear! My daily blog challenge hit a bump yesterday. I’m posting last night’s thoughts a day late because my internet connection disappeared. Despite my best (technophobe) efforts to restore the connection my laptop said NO. My iPad said perhaps … it was taking so long to download & upload whilst the battery was gently fading away. So I was left with no way of writing the blog to my site. Interesting really. I’ve had one other blip in getting my blog on site on the day it’s due – I was in A&E that night with my auntie, again with no way of getting onto the internet.

I wondered why I was ‘off-line’ again last night. What was it about my day that needed me to be out of electronic communication? Or was a point being made very pointedly by my Guides. I suspect it was. At the same time as I was out of the loop my daughter was trying to find her DSi game playing thingy (technophobe for I don’t know what this piece of equipment does but it keeps her very quiet). It wasn’t where she (or I) had last seen it. We did a full search and couldn’t find it anywhere. So she got out her notebook and started reading jottings she had done a while ago. Then she started to write some more things in her notebook. We spent a pleasant hour chatting & writing before we were both ready for bed.

One of the reasons I generally write my blog later in the day is that I get a chance to consider all that has happened in the day that has stuck in my head. I can think about how things have happened and what outcomes have arisen. I can also ask my Guides what they want to say about my day too. My connection is energy not electricity. However, to have to return to writing on paper then typing up what I have written is giving me a second look at my day. Sometimes we forget to pause and reflect. Sometimes we have to think it through more than once, or even tell it how it is more than once, to let the full impact of the day release itself from our energy system.

I wrote a piece about grief & loss yesterday for a magazine. As I thought about losing the connection with loved ones I was acknowledging all of the feelings & thoughts that surface during a bereavement.┬áThe experience is a physical loss too. Often the hardest loss in the beginning is that the physical connection with someone has gone. No more hugs, kisses or touching the person we have lost. We feel the same when we loose our family pets and best loved possessions. We face the fact that life is uncertain. That endings happen. I’m fortunate to have an open channel of communication with those who have crossed into the Spirit World. I can still have conversations with them whenever I want. I can also have conversations with Spirit Beings on behalf of others too. Messages can be passed across from both sides. The loving connection can continue. It’s a different form of connection but a vital link all the same.

So being taken away from my ‘normal’ connection to the internet gave both me & my daughter time to share a different way of connecting – through our shared love of writing, reflecting and talking. I am thankful for those precious moments. Life is uncertain and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Our connection to each other was strong in those moments. I have a lovely gift of a memory to keep me steady in the times when we are out of connection with one another. What are your memories of connecting with your loved ones? When the world turns up-side-down because they are no ┬álonger with you what do you want to remember about your connection with each other? Are you ready to take some time away from your usual distractions and talk to the people who matter in your life? Store up the chats, discussions, laughter and disagreement – they are the loving connection we all make in case of future loss.

Day 58 of my blogging challenge.

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