Old, New, Borrowed, Blue?

It’s been a something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue day. Usually that means wedding vows and today today has certainly been about the right promises.

The old saying is about what a bride wears or carries to her wedding. It’s to reminding her of the new life she is entering and how she can be happy. Something old is about the foundations she has built already. Something new is about the hope for a good future. Borrowing something is about the support from others to help through the tough times. And something blue is about fidelity and purity. I often get blue orbs when I’m working with Energy Beings. They always seem to come in when wisdom is required. And a marriage or joining together requires a lot of wisdom to make a relationship work.

I also use this traditional British saying when I’m setting off on a new venture. I remind myself about what I’ve already achieved. And that I will be leaving some of the old stuff behind me because it’s got me to where I need to be now. Of course the new venture is what is drawing me forward. I’m ready to grow some more, expand my horizons, learn some new skills. To make it a success I will have to get the support of others. Perhaps borrow their time, energy or enthusiasm to help me do what I need to. Finally, I will need wisdom. I will have to remember that everything new has it’s ups and downs. That the secret to my success is to keep loving myself enough to let it all happen. And encourage myself that it will all turn out as it should anyway.

As I was talking to people today I found myself listening to so many ‘old, new, borrowed, blue’ statements. A great deal of change is happening. It will all sort itself out exactly as it should if we let it.

That’s what I promised myself today. I am making changes in my work. It’s time to try new things and find fresh energy. But I’m not forgetting the foundations of what I’ve already got in place. So I’m moving some of my other work into the Centre, changing what I teach and offering some services that are brand new. To do this I have borrowed the help of some amazing people. Whether it’s an encouraging word of support to me or the practical help of moving furniture and paperwork about I’ve been saying yes. I had to laugh this afternoon when I finally realised I’d moved my office into a blue room. No wonder the energy felt so good. And my brain was on fire with fresh ideas. I’m making a commitment to my spiritual business.

I am also making a commitment to myself. Showing myself that I believe in me. Placing my trust in the Guides who support me through change. Making a vow once more. To do my best to the best of my ability. Pushing the boundaries of what I do so that I can be of service in the best way I can. It’s no surprise that in the conversations today that was exactly what others were promising too. House moves, business launches, innovative products, fresh starts. All happening for wonderful reasons. Underneath shone the love of adventure and of life in each person. Along with the determination to love themselves enough to take on fresh challenges so they could grow. What a powerful reminder of how much love matters. Exactly like in a marriage or partnership!

Day 515 of my blogging challenge 

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