Objects And Orbs On My Walk: I Wonder?

The sky was blue. The sun was shining. A perfect afternoon for a post-turkey walk. On the path I noticed some objects. Little thought provoking prompts.

Objects 1The first of these objects was a bicycle stranded by the side of the track. It seemed to be undamaged. I wondered who had left it there. Was it a Christmas reveller who found the path a bit too muddy? Or a Christmas gift abandoned out of forgetfulness by a child who had run home? Someone had certainly stepped off the road for some reason. It was a red bike. The colour of action. Lying there it spoke of inaction. I thought about my path this year. It’s been muddy, tricky to walk. And I’ve certainly had lots of times when I’ve stopped, paused, abandoned my journey. Been inactive. Weary of carrying on. Each time I have had to get myself going again by reminding myself I had things to do, places to go, achievements to accomplish.

Objects 2Further up the road I entered the woods. At the edge is a Mother Tree. She has many large branches which create a central platform to sit on. Glancing down at her roots I saw a another one of the objects. It was white, standing out amongst the leaf fall and green moss. It was a small piece of quartz with a point. I looked at where my eye was being drawn and saw the ivy on the tree trunk. Sitting like green jewels in the lush moss growth. I always take ivy as a sign for faithfulness and protection. The image of the tree, stone and ivy reminded me that this year I have had the support of many faithful friends. Their purity of intention has helped me to stay true to my purpose even under pressure this year.

I gave thanks for those friendships and left the tree to walk on towards the beach. I was curious to see whether there would be more objects for me.

Objects 3At the turn in the lane I caught the sun in the branches of a tree. Below it were puddles of water from last night’s rainfall. I thought about the Light that fills all of us. And the human emotions that can enhance or drown that Light. I have the opportunity to grow and branch out in any way I like. It’s up to me how I weather all of the storms, soak up the sunshine or put out new growth. If anyone objects to my choices it’s up to me to decide if I want to pay attention to what they say. My journey this year has been a lesson in staying in the positive, higher emotions.  Even when others have been passing on waves of low or negative emotions. Like the tree I have been reaching for the Light whenever possible.

Objects 4Ambling along the lane I was deep in my thoughts when a dog raced by. A dog on it’s own with somewhere to go. However, he paused when he heard me say hello. I turned to face him as he stood in the middle of the lane and started at me. So I told him he was a good dog. He was weighing me up. I smiled at him considering me. This dog reminded me of me. I was born in the year of the dog. This year I have been practicing holding my ground and protecting my territory. That’s not necessarily a physical space, rather my inner world. I’m fiercely loyal but sometimes this year have forgotten to be loyal to myself. The dog and I paused, checked each other out and then went our separate ways.

The afternoon was certainly full of objects, like signals from my Guides, that were showing me the high points of my year. I wondered what the beach would bring.

I’m always aware of the Energy Beings around me. Most of the time it’s in the back of my mind. They only step forward when I ask them to. Yet as I stepped onto the sand I felt the boost of their connection to me. The sound of the waves, the cry of a raven, the crunch of shells underfoot. Everything was heightened. The cool breeze mingled with the warmth of the sun. I felt that I wanted to walk into the waves a little. The tide was coming in. I watched the sea wrack bob along the surface of the waves. It was peaceful. I had the beach to myself for a few moments.

Objects 5Taking out my phone I decided to see if I could catch the view. Something about the stillness spoke to me about the waves of energy I’ve experienced all year. From a turbulent start I feel I have reached a place of calm. The waves of my feelings have gradually worn themselves away to a gentle flow. Standing in the water I snapped away. Sometimes I have been fortunate to get light anomalies, orbs, in my photos. Especially when my Guides want to remind me that I’m not alone. Sometimes I can see the orbs quite clearly with my human sight. Sometimes I rely on my clairvoyance. And sometimes I sense the energy but can’t ‘see’ it until I look at the pictures. Today I had a beautiful turquoise orb.

Objects on photos are often exlained as an aspect of the technology being used. Lens flares, flashes, shutter speed, angles and all sorts of other things. That’s interesting. But today I felt the presence of a Spirit and feel I caught it in my pictures. It reminded me to stay true to what I believe. In exactly the same way as I have all year.

Day 763 of my blogging challenge

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