Numbers Add Up: The Energy Of 2018

numbers 3,6,9Three is my favourite number. I admit I’m biased because it’s my birthday. But I love the whole subject of numerology and how the numbers add up. I often get sequences of numbers as reminders or prompts from my Guides. And today has featured the sequence three, six and nine.

Nine is another popular number for me. It’s been a thread throughout my life and is my personal life number. The number that guides what I’m here to do in this life. I was thinking about the sequence and those influences this afternoon. Because 2018 is an eleven, a master year, full of beginnings to match the endings I had in 2017. And It’s down to me to use this influence to the best of my ability. So how to grab the energy of three, six and nine? Especially as it will double in strength because of my existing three and nine combination. It’s time to add up the numbers.

I know that paying attention to the the numbers will help me the decide the best times to launch new things. Or the days when I am better focusing on tying up the loose ends. My next book will require a lot of the three creative energy. It’s a creative project and I am open to the inspiration that is available in and around me. Getting it alive in my head will be a big step. Then I will be taking in the energy of six, the manifesting number, to step the book out of my head and onto the computer. Also from the computer to the printed page. Finally, when my book is birthed, I will be using the energy of nine, the completion number, to end that project ready to start another.

In the same way the numbers can help me to work out where I am with other projects, ideas and events. I find I end up running workshops or events on numerically significant days. Even if my logical mind hasn’t worked it our my intuitive mind has. So, I’m not very good at maths but I certainly know my numbers!

Day 773 of my blogging challenge

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