Is This A Normal Day At the Office?

I’ve been in my Centre today. It’s the place I have my office. Plus my healing room and a large meeting/teaching room. I love spending time there. When people drop in it feels perfect to meet them in this space.

Sitting having my lunch today I thought about my corporate life. A long time ago I worked in a large organisation. My office was one of many with teams of workers grouped all around in big floors in tall buildings. I guess we were in a hive of activity. All producing something, planning the next thing or reviewing that last thing we had done. I can’t say that there were many relaxing spaces in that building. It was designed for function not for productivity. In fact I always found it rather regimented. Even the ‘break out’ areas struggled to look inviting. And as for that name … it says it all. I couldn’t wait to break out.

When I decided that I was going to make the move and work outside of my home I looked around for an office. That would surely keep me focused on what I was there to do. I found a very good place with a desk, phone, wifi etc. But I found I couldn’t focus. The office setting wasn’t working for me. So I got a sofa. Then I got some cushions. I hoped they would make it ‘softer’. What I meant was less business looking. Less corporate. Also less clininical. I wonder that we create spaces, where we spend lots of time, as impersonal, functional areas. Is it supposed to keep us heads down at our work? That must be it. Because they certainly aren’t friendly and relaxed.

Offices the world over look just like what they are. Boxes designed to give us work-stations to keep us churning out widgets of some sort.

Except that my Centre doesn’t look like that at all. Because when I moved into the building I thought about what I would like to have around me as I worked. I also thought about the work I was going to be doing. How could my office layout support my spiritual principles? To me that’s something equally as important as making a profit. I would like people to feel relaxed and welcomed. There should be an easy flow between each part of my business. And my desk, computer and other paperwork etc could be left outside the view of visitors as much as possible. I felt today that I had finally achieved what I wanted.

I have an office behind a closed doorand go there to focus on the ‘backroom’ stuff of my business. In my main room there are couches and chairs grouped around tables to create several natural sitting areas. Space for groups or one person. There is a help yourself tea point – a much pre-loved cabinet and side table. Cushions and throws are arranged to provide extra comfort. There is a subtle invitation being made to take your shoes off and relax. If there is healing required the final room is the place. Easy chairs, a little table, my therapy bed and plants in abundance create an intimate space. If I sound like an estate agent’s catalogue it’s because I love my space.

How does all this support my spiritual principles? When I visit an office I’d like to feel that I was in a personal space. Not a production line. No matter how modern or soothing the decor.

I know that I work better in a place that has good energy. Good energy generated by that comfortable, at home feeling. I also know that people open up and talk more in a relaxed atmosphere. More progress can be made because there is a degree more honesty when someone feels at ease. To me it seems only right that we achieve more honest and compassionate communication. That way I can work in ways that support and empower people. Instead of viewing them as a way to generate income. Sharing with someone on my ‘home turf’ when that space is safe for them means positive energy flows between us.

It also means that any stuck energy can be encouraged to come to the surface too. And be released. I’m delighted when someone leaves my ‘office’ feeling lighter and brighter. The way the space is peovided has made that easier for them to do. And yes, I do think about my profit. Or rather I want to ensure that my bills are paid and I take a living wage. But I also want to provide support that doesn’t have to cost in financial terms. That’s why the kettle is always ready should someone drop by for a chat or to sit in the main room and gather their breath. We all need to step off the world at times. A warm, welcoming space to do that is what I hope to provide.

So it has been another normal day at the office for me. An ‘office’ full of comfort and relaxation. I feel I’ve worked as much or more than I might have done in that corporate style building. And my business is running exactly the way I want it to. From the heart of my spirituality.

Day 585 of my blogging challenge 

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