Newsletter Time: Inspiration Flying Out

newsletterAround this time every month I pull together a newsletter. Some months I have two to do as I enjoy sending out information and inspiration to my email people. Quite a bit of the content comes from channelling what the Energy beings say. And I love to see each newsletter flying out to be read.

My first newsletter is called Newsetter From The Light Side. It links in with the live broadcast I do on facebook every Thursday. The videos have been going for more than a year. To add to them my Guides asked me to start a monthly subscription email with content that doesn’t appear on line. Rather tentatively I started to do that in June 2017. I was uncertain how it would be received. But determined to trust my Guides who wanted me to get it going. I have to say that I have really come to enjoy doing the channelling. What comes in is always helpful to me. And, from the feedback, it has also been helpful to others.

That  inspired me to start another newsletter for my work as the Down 2 Earth Intuitive Medium & Psychic. It has some channelled information, news about what I am doing next and special offers on my books and artwork. It has been going out occasionally but today I decided that it would become a monthly newsletter too. I am looking forward to getting feedback on this one too because my Guides have asked me to offer people more support. Especially about all things intuitive. There is a big shift happening right now as people switch on their intuition. But access to good quality information is sometimes a bit lacking. My newsletter is all about pointing people in the right direction. That’s an exciting change for me.

I hope that these newsletters, like my blogs, will be of interest to many people. And I already know there will be a third newsletter in the near future for the people who use my mentoring services. It seems the way forward for me is more writing and channelling. That’s really exciting. I hope you will join me on this new journey.

Day 878 of my blogging challenge

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