We Need A National Self-Care Day

National self-care dayI’ve voted today National Self-Care Day. I see a lot of my social media filled with National xx day, xx week or support xx month, plus Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day. All sorts of reasons.

Yet when I am mentoring or counselling people, or listening to family and friends, the one thing I notice is we have no designated day for ourselves. I suppose I could be accused of trying to extend my birthday (I had a lovely one last week). However, I know that unless I am very focused I often forget to do something nice for myself. Usually because I’m too busy doing nice (hopefully) things for all the people around me. So when I sat down at my computer this morning I posted about National Self-Care Day. It’s Monday, it was a bit drab outside and I had a full diary of appointments. What better than to remind myself to make sure I looked after me too.

I also wanted to get people to think about how much they value themselves. Could I spend 5 minutes enjoying a herbal tea? Or was I busy, pen in hand, trying to sign my books too? Was it possible to sit quietly in my healing room for 10 minutes to recharge my batteries? Or was I busy organising the blankets on my healing bed, watering the plants and dusting the window sill? Multi tasking is great but only when it creates space for me to relax. Or to take some time out. Even to have a treat of some kind. Am I only worth 5 or 10 minutes to spend on myself? So I’m all with National Self-Care Day. How wonderful to have a whole day of treating me. Eating good, healthy food. Walking. Reading the next fiction book in the series I’m enjoying. Having time to stop and chat.

Best if all, I can send myself a Best Wishes on National Self-Care Day card. Oh, wait a minute, the retail industry haven’t designated this day yet. They don’t know about it. Because it’s not considered important enough to celebrate taking care of me. Yet. But by next 9th October perhaps we will all be enjoying NS-C day!

Day 686 of my blogging challenge 

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