My psychic life: Day 30

oapI’m sitting here with a small glass of wine, ready to celebrate completing my 30 day blog challenge. It feels really strange to think that a month has already gone by with me writing & posting something every day. I started this challenge looking for some discipline with which to unblock my creative writing. I’ve found that, much like my psychic art, it has become easier as the month moved on. It’s also interesting that I am now observing my day much more closely and my experiences are throwing up lots of potential subjects for me to write about. One thing I didn’t expect was the pride I feel when each piece is done. It doesn’t matter if it gets read by anyone at all. I love that I have been able to find my voice at last. That I can tell it like it is for me. I feel empowered by this process.

I’m sure that this blog challenge has also helped me in other ways. Today I had to deal with an emotional situation that has lasted, so far, for more than 6 years. My daughter’s experience of school has been much less than positive for all of that time. She is about to step further out into the world of work but before she does so she still needs the support of her school. For the last three years they have made no progress in helping her reach her full academic potential. In fact, it seems at times, they have actually hampered her progress. Today we had a big meeting to address the school’s failings.

As a family we have been pressured, ignored, blamed and told we were wrong. Today they tried, once again, to say that the ‘fault’ was my daughter rather than the system of support they are supposed to give pupils. However, we were prepared. We refused to have our power taken away from us. I had ready a family statement setting out our concerns along with the actions we expect the school to take. In those moments of reading out our family statement I took back my voice and my power. In the end everything may stay as stuck as it is now. But my daughter saw her Mum standing her ground against the bullies. She had her Dad holding her arm & comforting her through the challenging meeting. Whatever the outcome, she feels we were brilliant.

Then it was time to take my auntie to her Christmas dinner with her friends at the community centre. Not the traditional turkey dinner but potato pie & mushy peas. They all enjoyed a change, one lady said. They were concerned that someone wasn’t there on time so rang to check. He’s waiting for his son to call in was the reason. They had all donated a gift so everyone would go home with a present. They found me a place to sit & I joined in the dinner too. I was struck by the warmth of these twilight years people. They were all still busy caring for one another, especially for the the ones who had no family to share the holiday season with. Talk roamed around when the centre was closed for the holidays, who was going to stay with family and when they could arrange to see each other next. The care workers responsible for the centre were here, there and everywhere. There was real compassion and empathy for all of the senior citizens they had under their watchful eye. I declined the trifle as I had to go to my next event. I would have loved to stay & listen to them enjoying themselves some more. Oh, ok, and for the trifle!

Moving on I went to do the demonstration of mediumship at Oldham Spiritualist Church. The Wednesday afternoon service takes place due to the dedication of volunteers to provide a service during the day when people can be social as well as come for messages. The Spirit people were up for some festive fun, getting me to wear a Santa hat, and making lots of jokes. We sang No Matter What, a song that has very strong associations with Spiritualism for me, because, among other things, it has the line ‘I can’t deny what I believe’, and smiles lit up the room. There were many smiles on the Spirit side too. They came to remind people that their loved ones are still around, joining in the holiday joy and taking time to be with their Earth families. They also brought the love of the Spirit World through for those who are on their own down here.

Coming home I realised that we provide systems like schools and care homes for the ‘benefit’ of our more vulnerable sections of the community. Yet those institutions are of little benefit if we use them to dis-empower the people who have to rely on them. Compassion and empathy are what we wish for in the care we are given when we are vulnerable. How often does that really happen? In the school this morning there was no understanding of our family’s life challenges so a complete lack of empathy. Yet empathy is something we can all give, share and receive. It’s the thought – before action – of ‘walk a mile in my shoes’. Compassion is the outflow of love – love for the person above any judgement about who or what they might be. I saw compassion and empathy in action in the community centre and the church. People giving their time and energy to bring joy and connection into the day of people who can often be dismissed. If we are old, vulnerable, young, grieving, lost, alone the loving kindness of another human being towards us is of enormous benefit.

I’m delighted to be able to say that every Spirit who came to give a message today clothed their words in love, laughter, empathy and compassion. The healing that flows from having power, being respected as a person, being acknowledged is vital. If you feel like this you go on to treat the people you meet or have dealings with very differently. Do you give and receive respect, empathy and compassion? Is it time to empower yourself so that you do? Find your voice and use it. Cheers!!



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