My psychic life: Day 29

AdvendskalenderA very quick blog tonight as I’ve had a hectic day. It was wonderful to do another Reiki Level One attunement with ┬ásomeone starting out on their healing journey. As we learn to serve ourselves and look after ourselves we also learn to serve others much more unconditionally. Then off to Gt Eccleston to do the demonstration of mediumship at the community centre. It’s always lovely to bring in the evidence that life continues after physical death. It seemed as if the messages were spot on again too.

On the way home as I chatted to my Guides I recognised that I’ve been wondering why I haven’t felt the connections in the same way as I used to. This change has been gradual over the last 6 months. I sensed a new Guide coming in to work with me but assumed (a daft thing to do probably!) that as everything was working ok there would be no changes to how I made my connections. Wrong, of course, lol. So now it seems that the information I need comes with such ease that I don’t even realise anymore what way I’m getting it. I feel rather virtuous at the moment because I’m always talking to my students about getting to unconscious competence and at last I feel I’ve got there.

Of course, we all start by being unconsciously competent at what we do. We do it without thinking. So if it doesn’t work for any reason we are unclear how to make it work again. So there is a process involved. We analyse what we are doing as as a result become consciously incompetent. We loose all our confidence in what we have been doing whilst we learn to improve on what we once did. Slowly we work our way back to a state of unconscious competence once more. We are back to doing what feels so utterly natural that we don’t ever think about how we are doing it. I’m going to enjoy this phase of working. No doubt I will go through the whole process again in time when I need an upgrade.

Finally, the day is nearly over and I am going to get a little bit of me-time as I have another hectic day tomorrow. This blog is becoming part of the me-time as I am enjoying writing about my day. I’m also going to have a warm drink in my cup of love mug, a bite to eat and watch a little TV. Oh, and there might be a candle burning & a chocolate from the calander. What are you going to do for your me-time?

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