My psychic life: Day 26

robinIt’s been a funny old day! My work last night & a workshop I was going to be doing today were both cancelled at very short notice. Then when I got up this morning I was feeling a bit under the weather and had to cancel the Psychic Club I was due to run this evening. Yesterday was a new moon so time for a new energy beginning. It struck me today that all the things I was going to do over the last 24 hours were actually ‘old’ energy.

I dreamed last night about being flooded and having to find a safe way to get to higher ground. This could be related to living in a lovely town that has had flooding in the past. The river was high yesterday and we all tend to keep an eye on it. When the flood siren sounded today I had to put my flood defense gate in front of my main door. So at one level the dream was surfacing my fears. At another level it could also be about excess emotion (water can represent feelings in dreams as can the moon). I have certainly been dealing with some personal emotional issues where the dam might burst at any time. Having to find a new way to navigate rough water has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now.

As I stood on the bridge this afternoon looking at the river level I noticed a cheery little robin on the side bank. The little chap was looking for a bite to eat. He kept fixing me with his eye. Each time he looked at me he danced a little closer to where I was standing. At one point it was as if he bowed to me. It was an enchanting moment. I felt the presence of my Guides reminding me about new beginnings (this is what robins represent). To embrace new beginnings it’s also important to clear away the old energy – another use for water, lol. So the flood in my dream & the physical flood in the town (there was a small breach of the river walls) may also be a reminder that I have to give myself permission to release energy right now.

We are closing the energy of 2015 and getting ready for a new year. It has been a challenging year, energy wise, for everyone. The shift has been from the fear of being who we are to the confidence to show our authentic selves to the world. All the people who have taken this 30 day blog challenge are aiming to share their authentic voice to a wider audience. To do so we have all had to let go of fear (of disapproval, of being public, of being vulnerable if we share, of being judged).  Being authentic is also about speaking with feeling, finding what we are passionate about and sharing that with others. Not because we want to please, or be famous or for approval. Sharing what we care about puts new ideas in front of other people. It gives those who share our passion a chance to connect with like-minded people. If we can show others how to be true to themselves too we are generating the energy of truth.

As was once said, the truth will set us free. Not just my truth, but our truth. I am certain that we do not enter into this Earth journey to be bad people. I am certain that we can all live peacefully together. That there are some truths that are universally shared among all of us. So in this energy of new beginnings let’s get focused on what we can do to generate the energy of truth. The new moon prompts us to look around for the opportunities that are being offered. The new day, the new year, the new authentic you are ready for launch. Let go of the old and welcome the new. Embrace the change and challenge of the new by sharing your authentic voice with as many people as you can.

We have a wonderful opportunity to manifest for the greater good of humanity with every wave of new energy – are you ready to start?


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