Musical Memories: Tunes In My Head

Musical memoriesI have driven home today accompanied by my daughter and our two cats. One of the things we all like is having music playing as we drive along. It pauses the time as we sign along. Tonight the music also brought back lovely memories of my Mum and Dad too. Our house was a musical place.

We all learned to play instruments, loved a wide variety of music and my Dad and brother were in a band. So music has been around me and in me all my life. No wonder then that my Guides often use music, and the memories it brings, to get messages to me. There are so many inventive ways Guides can work with us so long as we let them. Working with Energy Beings tends to be presented in rather ridged ways. My Guides know I like to find new ways of working so they do all sorts of things. I love it as it keeps us from taking the communication for granted. And it means I get lots of laughs too. I take the passing on of messages seriously but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. Hence all of the musical references.

So they work with me a lot through songs. Certain songs tell me which Guides are around. They like to use I’m Every Woman when a reading is finished. It’s a stop signal. And one of my Guides likes music hall songs from the First World War. Especially Pack Up Your Troubles. I get that one when they want me to cheer up. One of the more musical Guides likes to play classical pieces. She uses it to get my attention for philosophy work. It can also be a bit of a giggle when I’m shopping in the supermarket and they start playing ‘Flash …aaahhh aaahhh Saviour of the Universe’ in my head. One of my Guides has a very off the wall sense of humour. It means someone needs help and my Guides would like me to send out healing energy.

I love having a musical connection to work with. It’s a sort of shorthand – once I’ve worked out what the tune is asking me to pay attention to. Music is reminding me of loved ones, giving me a chance to sing at the top of my voice or helping me to get the messages from Guides. I love it!

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