Muddle Mind Stuckness

img_2308I’ve been wondering all day where my mind has been. All sorts of things have got in a muddle. Me included. So although I’ve done most of what I needed to I’ve still felt stuck.

Stuck in my thoughts. Perhaps even lost in my thoughts. I’ve noticed that when the energy is shifting in a big way my thoughts seem to take on a life of their own. They go round and round, get tangled and head off in all sorts of different directions. Also, on these kinds of days, they go into hiding. My brain turns to mush. I think I need to be here when I’m supposed to be there. Or I’m doing one thing when I actually should be doing another. It’s all a muddle so I end up with no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. Or things get cancelled. Or I need to be somewhere else because it’s the right thing to do.

Keeping going through the muddle, until my mind sorts itself out again, takes a certain amount of trust. Especially when I feel like there are lots of things I am stuck with. It also feels as if I’m dipping a toe in here, there and everywhere when I only want to focus and take action. So where has the focus gone? Of course, the competing waves of energy are what is really behind my mixed up brain. Not only my energy but the flow of feelings from everyone else can catch me off guard. So am I reacting to my thoughts and feelings? Is it the flow of other people’s thoughts and feelings? How do I even know on a muddled up day?

When I find myself in a day like to day I try my best to float through it. I give myself permission to be stuck. Letting my mind go off on it’s own wander I keep doing something, anything.

I find that if I keep doing things – little or big – the time passes. Eventually my brain comes back on line and my thoughts start to get organised again. Sometimes I find that I have new ideas floating around in my thoughts. Or a gap where old thoughts have disappeared. Even in the stuckness of a muddled mind it seems that a clear focus can emerge. Without me even having to work it out. That’s what I like about today. I know that when my mind has sorted itself out tomorrow I will wake up to moving forward again.

Day 359 of my blogging challenge. 

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