Mr Money’s Triangle

imageOne of the things I’m frequently asked about is to predict the future for people. Especially to take a look at their financial and relationship future. These two issues are the ones that always seem to come up whenever people are talking. Stress about money and uncertainty about relationships cause an awful lot of soul searching for most of us. Yet we don’t often consider the relationship triangle that these issues create. This week has certainly been big on the theme of money and understanding the feelings of lack that we often try to satisfy by getting material things. That underlying feeling of lack can colour even our most positive thoughts and feelings about the flow of abundance.

As I unpicked the threads of my attitude to abundance, and especially how money influences what I receive, I was looking for inspiration. Once again my Guides were ready to send me an idea to help me make sense of how to manifest abundance. They asked me what my relationship with money would be if money was a real person. I’d never thought of it that way. I usually acknowledge that money is a form of energy, an illusion in some ways, that ebbs and flows through my life. I know that when I doubt that the Universe will provide then the flow is much less than when I trust that I will have every penny I need exactly when I need it. So what would Money be like?

I decided first of all that he would be Mr Money. I find money has a distinctly masculine energy which can be at odds with my own feminine energy. Then I started to think about how much he is involved in my life. Sometimes he seems like a very generous man and gifts pour in. Other times he seems to be a stern judge so money is kept back. He can have quite a bossy attitude. He believes in hard work, saving for the future and watching every penny. He never encourages spontaneous spending or treats. If I work really hard he will bring me a bonus – but only if I do it his way. He happily interfered in my past relationships. He was the third person in the triangle. Much more of a threat than a lover or mistress because his power to influence disagreement was massive. You see he also believes that women shouldn’t earn more than men, should be glad to work three jobs for the same as one man would get for one and should be dependent on their man.

As I learned more about Mr Money I began to see why many of our transactions are really triangles. As a therapist I accept money as an exchange of energy but Mr Money tells me what I’m worth and tells the other person what to pay me. If we don’t agree on an amount of exchange Mr Money is very good at¬†getting in the way of our practitioner/client relationship. In the same way many couples find their relationships challenged by their different approaches to Mr Money. Falling our of love is much easier if Mr Money is creating disputes, feelings of lack or emotional tension. Until both parties in the relationship resolve the connection with Mr Money abundance will be in short supply. So how do we learn to love Mr Money and get him to step out of the triangle?

Working through this idea from my Guides I started to recognise some of the ideas I have about Mr Money have been around me all of my life. The social conditioning I was exposed to had the seeds of my relationship with Mr Money. I come from a family where the war was still a vivid memory. Rationing, making do, going without were all experiences my grandparents and parents had. The country I was born into was still recovering economically and, as men were considered to be the ‘bread winner’ (an interesting term in itself), most women were stay at home mothers. If the women in my community did work it was usually part-time, low paid or piece work. The religious influence was about working hard and gaining a reward in heaven rather than here on Earth. Suffering or enduring poverty seemed to be the way to win extra points for a luxury life in the afterlife. Mr Money was always in short supply. He never seemed to be around when a bit of cake would have been welcome. He did pop in every Easter and Christmas with little gifts but most of the year he was an absent partner.

I decided as I worked through this that Mr Money really needed to be made welcome. I have to love him for the abundance he represents. There is a generous side Mr Money that I need to see more of. And I have to break down the triangle he represents in my life. If I step out of the fear of lack that he has come to represent I am sure I will have a much better relationship with Mr Money. That will help the flow of abundance, not only for me but for my whole family. Mr Money can be a friendly influence. He can help me to really value myself and have expectations accordingly.

My Guides are always bringing me a clearer understanding of the way that I limit my life without even realising it. My Mr Money is going to work with me in a brand new way from now on. If you find yourself struggling to manifest abundance consistently and easily please check out your Money relationship. What is your Mr or Miss Money like? How do they look after you? What do you need to change about any triangle they are involved in with you and others? I hope you find a more positive relationship with the flow of money through your life.

Day 186 of my blogging challenge. 

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