Mountains Move at Each Step

imageA day of healing appointments intertwined with past lives. All of us create an energy ripple with our actions. I believe those ripples flow across our timeline, affecting more than the life in which they were created.

The ripples can pile up energy mountains to challenge us at different times of our present life. Or we can have created some ripples in this life that seem like mountains too. Today I found it really encouraging. The people who came for the healing energy waves were ready to take the first steps to shift the mountains out of their lives. I know that all of us have tough things to face. It’s limiting to imagine that anyone has a perfect life. I feel that comparisons do us no good. Listening to their hopes and fears I was impressed that they were all seeking the changes that would free up positive energy.

I also know that believing I can move the mountain is an important step too. Every time I fall back down the slope I remind myself that I haven’t climbed it yet. Yet is such a big word to me. I use it to remind myself that everything is possible. That each step I try will eventually be rewarded. I can get where where I want to go because I am taking the steps to do so. Even if I’m still unsure if I’m on the right track. Because that’s another important point. There are many ways to move a mountain. So sometimes what action I have to take seems really unclear. Mainly because the shift involves changing me. My outlook, my beliefs, my relationships, my work, my everything.

Taking stock of today I realise that I got to here because I moved my mountains with every step I took. Whether I thought it right or wrong I kept on stepping forwards.

And whether others though it was right or wrong too. I kept on going. Reflecting, releasing, living. Being with people today who were busy stepping forward too has been great. No matter whether it was a first step or one in a long path they were all open to changing their lives. I know that the willingness to do it differently will eventually move all of the old, stuck energy our of their lives. How exciting to be part of that wave of change. I hope you can take a step forward. I hope that you will take one after another after another so that you move forward too ?

Day 296 of my blogging challenge.

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