Money, Money, Money

imageHow much money do I need? How much money does anyone need? What do I exchange to get money? Who says how much I get for whatever I exchange? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all the money in the world? I often meet people who are asking these questions. They have studied The Secret or Cosmic Ordering or all about the Law of Attraction. They have worked money spells, used positive affirmations and visualised themselves with lots and lots of money. Yet still they feel that they don’t have enough money, need more or will never get enough. So they put themselves through lots of challenging circumstances to earn, spend and earn more money.

I know that we have to work with the idea of money. It’s the energy exchange we use at the moment to barter our labour and produce so that we can obtain whatever we are missing. But that’s the trap. We have got used to thinking that we don’t have everything we need. We are sold the idea that we need more ‘things’ to fill up our homes and lives. Or that we need to spend in order to have more experiences in our lives. When we can’t have those things or experiences we drop into a poverty conciousness. The idea of ‘lack’ hides behind the desire for more and more stuff. So where does this lack come from?

If you have been reading my blogs you will know that I challenge my Guides quite a bit. I ask them to explain about being human time and again so I can work out how to live my life on a spiritual level. The idea of lack has always been a challenge for me. Why should anyone lack anything? We live on such an abundant planet. Who says that this person or that ‘owns’ anything at all? When I was studying economics I guess I was a challenge for my tutors too, lol. Why is one person or group of people designated the controller of resources that other people have to work to obtain for them. Then to be given a payment that is a fraction of the value of what has been obtained. How can that be fair? So back I came with all these questions to my Guides. My tutors hadn’t had any acceptable explanations. Could my Guides do better?

They certainly feel we have set ourselves a big challenge. Their view is that money is an illusion. Only when we start to understand that it is an idea representing an energy flow can we chip away at the idea of lack. They took some time explaining to me that we actually can’t suffer from a lack of anything. They would express the energy in terms of love. We are always surrounded by a current of unconditional love. The love flows into us and from us. When we give and receive this love unconditionally to ourselves and others there is no room to feel lack. As soon as we start to place conditions on the flow of love energy we are creating lack. We are saying there is an absence of total abundance and that we are feeling it. If the restriction is allowed to grow then alongside the lack we develop a feeling of powerlessness. We forget that we can receive as much or as little as we choose to have. The flow of love dries up and we start to chase other imagined energies to fill the place of love.

My Guides say that we bought into the idea of lack such a long time ago that we don’t even question what it represents any more. Our civilisations have been built on the idea that some have more and some have less. Yet each civilisation will eventually fail. All the money in the world can’t keep empires, of any sort, from falling apart. What we can do each and every day is to notice when we are feeling the lack and take a look at where the love has stopped flowing. It took me a long time to understand how to put this into practice. It is hard to weed out the subconscious urges that are triggered when we compare ourselves to others. Or when we look at TV, magazine or online advertising. In fact it was only when I began buying food one day at a time that I really noticed my deep feelings of lack.

Life events constantly remind us that planning for tomorrow is rather pointless. What if there is no tomorrow and today is all we have? As my Mum always said there are no pockets in shrouds. As I noticed the amount of ‘lack’ I was feeling every day I decided it really was time to challeng that viewpoint. I started what I called Counting My Blessings. I would make a list every morning of what I had for my day. I started by putting myself at the top of the list because I’m not afraid of working to make sure I have some energy to barter for food. I also put my daughter at the top of the list because she is the most precious gift in my life. Then I would put my pets. I would even write what food I had in the fridge already and the meals I could make from the stuff in the cupboards. With the encouragement of my Guides I tried to focus on what blessings of love I had too. That was a lot harder. We aren’t used to giving ourselves love – we tend to focus on loving everyone else instead. In time it became easier to challenge that feeling of lack when it popped into my day. I’ve found some peace about money. It is there at the moment because we believe in it’s power. I’m hopeful that more and more of us are starting to tackle the idea and feeling of lack too. Communities become strong when there is a free giving and taking of resources to each according to her needs. So I focus on the flow of love in my day and remind myself that I have everything I could possibly need in my life.

Next time you are stressed about money take a look at what is driving that feeling. Check out why you feel that you need whatever the money is intended to provide. Or why you feel you are lacking. Stay grounded in today and give yourself as much love as possible. You might find that the manifesting of abundance becomes much easier when you do so.

Day 176 of my blogging challenge. 

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