Moments of Peace : Stepping Away From Fear

momentsIt’s been a day of moments. Small pieces of time that create an atmosphere of peace. Little bits of memories to carry away to remind me of a peace filled day.

I’m aware that sometimes I get lost in my days. Rushing from one task to another I forget to pause and notice the moments. Chasing the next worry, ticking items off my list and trying to steady my wobbles. I know that life is a balance between happiness and fear. Fear of things to come. My fear that I won’t be good enough. The anxiety that abundance will disappear if I don’t stay hard at my work. Even the niggle that being is the wrong state of mind. That I should be doing all the time. It’s as if I have forgotten the moments. Because I’m rushing through from here to there. Almost as if the moments have all blurred into one. That is when I have to slow down, stop and take a look at my day in a different way.

In the end my day is composed of tiny moments. A sound or smell. Words I hear. Smiles I connect with. A positive post on my Facebook wall. The twitter meme that makes me laugh. Because these little packets of experience are the atoms of my solid day. I will remember Hazel’s warm welcome. Or call to mind Rosie organising my books. Then there is the car that let me out at the junction. Along with the sharing of breakfast with Lyn. In those moments I was at peace. Not stressing about clearing my Centre. Or how many bags I had to take to the tip and would they all fit in my car. Each a peaceful reflection on the joy of being alive. I know how easy it is to forget that live is good. How often I hear people talk about their tasks instead fo their lives.

As if life is only about what I do. Yet I realise it is all about how much I enjoy it. So, for me, it has been another peace filled day. I will remember it for being full of moments of love, joy, kindness and compassion. I am so glad I paused for  a while to notice it.

Day 723 of my blogging challenge.

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