Mixed Feelings in a Muddled Up Day

Mixed upMonday has come around again. As often happens it got a bit muddled. But perhaps that helped me and my mixed feelings. The confusion served as a distraction.

Why would I need to be distracted? I had a full diary running from nine in the morning until nine tonight. Healing, mentoring, an exercise session, paperwork. Plenty to do. A list of tasks to fill a page. Until some of the appointments cancelled. And I was ready an hour early for my exercise session because I mistook the time. Certainly a mixed up muddle. Plodding on with my plans for my book launch tomorrow I realised that I was feeling uncertain. I’ve dreamed of seeing my words in print for such a long time. Yet, at this last moment, I’m nervous about seeing my book in front of me. That’s another distraction though. I have orders to fulfil and the books I’ve ordered still haven’t arrived. Is the Universe responding to my ambivalence about my book?

So I had to find another plan for a ‘readings from the book‘ event tomorrow. Only my printer decided to run out of ink. Was it sensing my difficulty in letting go of my baby? All those words mixed in to the chapters. Words that are part of me. Yet I want them to fly free. Turning to my blogs I thought I would be able to write today’s piece instead. But my words had another idea. Everything came out mixed up. And I had to pause again to check my feelings. I’m excited to be putting in front of people the way my Intuitive World works. I feel that more people will be encouraged to tune in to their intuitive senses if they know how straightforward it actually is. So I have to get over any resistance.

I have to believe in my book and make sure that I take it out to the wider world. In the same way as I have learned to believe in myself when I give Spirit messages or teach. There is no more time to be mixed up about it. Everything is set for the launch. Time for me to move ahead.

Day 679 of my blogging challenge 

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