Messages From Water: Masaru Emoto

messages from waterI really enjoy the way my Guides make sure I get their messages. One of my favourite ways is when they get my attention with a book. They know I love to read, or re-read, books that I love. So they often send a book across my path to keep me on track.

Today’s book is “Messages from Water and the Universe’ by Masaru Emoto. When it first crossed my path I was stuck by how much it resonated with me. I sought out more information about this inspiring scientist’s work. And I even tried the white rice experiment for myself. One of my favourite paragraphs from the book caught my eye again today.

In fact, I believe that this is the life system that God had devised to maintain a natural balance and help the advancement of the human race. We can never exist as just one single self. God created resonance as a physical reminder that every being on Earth has a single “self” yet is also connected to everything and shares harmonious energy.

I’ve been thinking about the spiritual response to the escalation of fear created by the actions of the countries that have bombed Syrian targets. And the people in that country for using chemicals against other people in that country. I guess I wanted to find the best energy response I could.

So I found the passage in the book a real help. My Guides often bring me messages advising me to honour all of my feelings but always to try to send out love. Not an easy thing when I’m in the middle of low vibrational emotions. Yet this lovely book reminded me that I have to keep trying to radiate love. Nothing will change if I send out anger, fear, hate. Because I have learned to recognise that I am connected to the whole web of human beings – not just a few. And that connection extends to the animal kingdom and Mother Earth. If I share my low vibrations with others we will end up amplifying them. With an energy that will distort our whole existence.

Messages are important for another reason too. The remind me that I am not trying to achieve everything all on my own. There is a large network of people working to live from the higher vibrational feelings and thoughts. We are all radiating and sharing love as much as we can. That, of itself, will grown the energy of love in the web of humanity. And we can thank Masaru Emoto for his work to demonstrate this fact. I hope you can resonate with love.

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