Meeting Pashima

Since embarking on my spiritual journey I’ve become more and more aware of the wonderful Spirits and Energy Beings around me – my ‘team’ of spirit guides. Some of them I knew in life before they passed over to spirit, others I don’t ‘know’ in the same way, but I’m still so thankful that they are with me; to guide, encourage, inspire, uplift and support me and help me to learn and grow. A couple of these beautiful spirits have come forward to ‘introduce’ themselves and help me with a particular aspect of my growth and development and I’d like to share with you a little about one of them, a beautiful lady I know as Pashima.

I was aware of her presence before I actually ‘met’ her. Smell is just one of the ways Spirit can communicate with us, and one day, out driving in my car and feeling a bit fed up, low and down on myself, I smelt the unmistakeable scent of Nag Champa incense. It appeared out of nowhere and once I acknowledged it, it faded as quickly as it had arrived. I was puzzled – I’m familiar with the scent but hadn’t had any of this type of incense for quite some time, there was just no logical explanation why I should be able to smell it now. I smiled and said thankyou to whoever was letting me know of their presence.

Several weeks later I was soaking in the bath after a particularly difficult day. I was feeling tearful – hurt and upset, useless, unloved and my confidence had taken a huge knock. Out of nowhere that unmistakeable scent of Nag Champa wafted around me, as strongly as if I was burning the incense for real (we didn’t even have any in the house!) I called to my partner as I heard him walk across the landing, asked if he could smell anything. “Yes I can” he replied “are you burning incense in there?”

Intrigued, I asked who was there and felt the most beautiful, loving energy surrounding me like a huge comforting hug, then in my mind I saw the face of an Indian/Asian lady. She was older in years, a mother/grandmother-type figure with greying hair, twinkling eyes and the kindest, most beautiful smile. She radiated pure love, warmth, peace, gentleness, kindness and compassion and I instantly felt loved and uplifted by her presence. I asked her name and misheard her the first time. “Pashmina?” “Pa SHI ma”, she gently corrected me.

I thanked her for being with me and felt her presence start to fade, but the wonderful feeling of her love remained with me. Since that beautiful first meeting a couple of years ago she’s often popped in when I’ve been feeling fed up, surrounding me with her love, encouraging me to love and believe in myself, and in those moments when I doubt myself, reminding me that I am enough. I’m so thankful for her support and feel blessed that she’s by my side.

This is a guest blog by Sharon Mackle who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Sharon.

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