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img_2346It’s been a lovely day of reaching out to other mediums. I’ve also been able to watch a medium work this evening and very much enjoyed seeing my friend Gordon Walsh take the service at Hebden Bridge Spiritualist church.

I was reaching out because I’m currently also the booking secretary at Hebden Bridge church. I’m sure many people would be surprised to find out that mediums are booked for services a year in advance, sometimes two. It’s not only the job of the booking secretary to fill the diary for the next year but to ring up a week before the booked date and confirm everything. Of course looking so far ahead can mean that the mediums have to cancel. I’m used to finding replacement mediums at short notice. I even have an emergency stand in list just in case.

So when I’m asked to put a service in my own diary I treat it as a fixed commitment. I know the disruption that a short notice cancellation can cause. However I also know that it’s unreasonable to expect that we will all know exactly what situation we are going to be in more than a few weeks in advance. And no, my Guides can’t always tell me that I’m going to need to cancel. There is that little thing called free will. The choices I make now affect the future I’m likely to have. But nothing is set in concrete. That’s another good reason for a back up list.

When I think about planning for the future I don’t really need my intuitive ability to tell me that things might change. That’s one of life’s givens.

So if I know that things might change or that I might have changed perhaps the best thing about my plans is to make sure they are flexible? I encourage people who come for readings to understand why the Spirit World often ignores the future. They know that I have to make my own choices. Where I get to through making those choices will depend on whether they are wise ones or not. Or on whether I can be flexible enough or not. Mediums do get some information about the future for people when it can really prompt a person to change.

However, the Spirit World know how hard it was to get me to change. And I’m not really much different than anyone else. So they encourage us to plan our work without too much interference. Then they make sure they are around if I have to rework my plans. They try to get me to bring my focus closer in. After all, who can say with any certainty what they will be doing a year from now. So I happily book my services in my diary knowing that the booking secretary will have a plan B or C in case I can’t make it.

Day 370 of my blogging challenge. 

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