Meant to be?

EAAHeart4Meant to be? I hear this phrase a lot. People come to me saying ‘I meant to be’ or ‘it’s meant to be’. Sometimes they want a reading because they want to check if something is going to happen. Is it meant to be? they ask.

It’s an interesting question. I find myself using the same phrase often. When something happens that causes a wobble or is hard to deal with I slip into saying it was meant to be. Then I wonder about our free will and this idea that something was always going to happen a certain way. I’ve even bounced the debate to my Guides. How can we have free will if there is a fixed plan? Especially when I sometimes seem to make my life a struggle!

Another popular way of saying the same thing is what will be will be. My Guides remind me that every choice is mine. Even the being born and dying. If I’ve chosen to have a human life then I must also choose to have a human death. Nothing in this reality lasts for ever. Energy can only be held solid for a short while. So having chosen to come in I’m here to experience until the time to die arrives. In between I have the ability to choose nearly everything in my life. They say nearly everything because there are some things I don’t have a say over.

I have no control over other people’s choices. They have set their own arrival and departure dates. They will navigate the choices just like me. I’m not the only one with free will. There will also be a few things that are fixed. Again, everyone must die and I have to experience loss and grief. I will also experience love in all sorts of ways. What I do with or make of that love is up to me. There will also be a challenge I am working to overcome.

The challenge I’ve set myself will be one that helps my spiritual growth. Not because life is meant to be hard. No matter what choices I make the same ‘lesson’ will be in front of me until I choose the path through it.

My Guides say that this is the only significant ‘meant to be’ in my life. When something happens that seems to bring up the same issues and choices, no matter how it is disguised, it’s up to me to remember how I handled it the last time (or times). Then I can find another way of working with the challenge so that I overcome it. I know that looking at what will be will be issues that way has helped me to deal with my feelings and thought a lot better. Opening myself up to guidance (both inner and Energy Beings) has also improved the choices I’m making.

I know that we can all make informed choices if we take our decisions into our heart. My heart, the seat of my intuition, is better able to remember the choices I made before. Those choices have had an emotional impact on my heart. Listening to the promptings of my feelings, noticing if a choice makes me feel good or not, I can use my free will to steer me through anything. Putting my heart into my decisions is perhaps the real meant to be. It’s taken me most of my life to notice that. I hope you discover this sooner than me and live your life from your heart too.

Day 234 of my blogging challenge.

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  1. This is so true Annie lovely words a year or 2 ago I wouldn’t of been able to relate to this but it all makes sense to me now ☺️

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