Manifesting My Purpose

Today felt like the right day to spend some time considering my purpose. It might be Friday 13th but as I’m not particularly superstitious the Full Moon energy was my guide instead.

Very soon the Moon will begin to wain again. That’s a good time for letting go of anything I no longer need. At the beginning of every year I like to think about the year I’ve left and release old energy. The start of that process is always to look at last year’s plans. Then to set out my new plans. I can see what I’ve manifested and what is still on my wish list. Getting clear about my purpose is also part of the planning process too. Because what we are here to do changes depending on what we have experienced over the last year.

So I sat quietly with my notebook from last year ticking off the things on my wish list that had happened. I also looked again at the purpose I’d written out for 2016. What had I hoped to do, change, learn or experience? Of course I have more than one purpose in my life. So I like to consider my personal, business and spiritual missions. They may all be enfolded in one statement of intent but it’s useful to separate them out from time to time. Because I want to be sure that what I’m doing for myself serves both my business and my spiritual journey.

Revisiting my purpose in this way helps me to notice what I’ve achieved. I can also decide if what hasn’t yet been manifested is still what I want.

I believe that I am evolving. Each experience gives me an opportunity to decide differently next time. Based on the outcomes that have flowed from my experiences and how I’ve handled them. As I change it’s reasonable to think that my purpose will change too. After all, this year I don’t particularly want the same things as I did when I was twenty. I’m a very different person now. So acknowledging what I can cross off my plans, because it’s already happened, will leave me room to add in new things. In this way I believe that my purpose is evolving too.

At twenty my personal, business and spiritual missions were very different. I didn’t have a business for a start. Nor did I have a strong spiritual belief. This year, after many years of life experiences, I have a strong spiritual focus which encompasses both my personal and my business desires. As I wrote out a new plan containing my mission for 2017 I noticed that I am becoming more confident in integrating all aspects of my life under this spiritual theme. I want to do the things I love doing because they serve my spiritual purpose. 2017 is going to be a great year!

Day 425 of my blogging challenge.

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