A Makeover of the Mission?

img_2355I sometimes watch reality TV. One of the things I enjoy is those kind of series that do a home makeover. Turning the tired and faded into fresh and vibrant in the space of an hour. Today I had my own makeover experience.

The programmes usually employ designers to find cheap and cheerful ways to make somewhere look new. There is a budget. Then there is a plan. Sometimes what the homeowner falls in love with. Sometimes what the homeowner is disappointed with. I know there are TV shows that also apply the same process to people. Some are content with giving people a new look, clothes, hairstyle. Whilst others feature plastic surgery, extreme excerise and diet. Once again some people are delighted. Yet others wonder who they really are. I’m thinking about the makeover process because I had my own mini one today.

The local beauty salon was offering a free session to try out a new range of make up that they stock. I called in to see what was on offer. It felt like the right thing to do. I have been aware for the last couple of weeks that the Energy shifts have also changed the way I see myself. In fact I’ve been back to regular exercise for ten weeks now and feel much better. So what about my physical appearance? Time to freshen up my ‘tired’ exterior with a new coat of paint, I thought. As with everything wearing the same styles or using the same make up is a habit. I arrived at what I was comfortable with so it stuck. Now I’m not comfortable. So I need to change.

This goes deeper than a physical level. For me this year has been all about patterns and changing them. I’ve been going through the ultimate makeover. I’ve been rethinking my mission in life.

Not the mission I thought I’d decided on. But the mission I can now recognise more clearly because the fog of fear has been lifted. I’ve had an inner journey to examine exactly why I am a human being at this precise time in our history. Like finding a new clothing style or a new make up I have been experimenting this year with what I’m supposed to be doing. Although I have had some fixed parts to my life how I approach those has changed. And I’m especially ready to let go of anything that pulls my energy away from my main aims. My makeover has been about finding focus.

Working through the different options, checking what I feel I’m good at I’ve also been helped by the comments of others. In the same way that people saying that I looked good today reinforced that I did need that new coat of paint. Making sure I can complete my mission depends on really knowing the detail of what it is. Of acknowledging when I’m flowing with those details. And when I’m blocking myself by resisting doing what I’m best at. Fortunately I have a Guide team who are quick to signal when my mission is on track. Though they can’t make me do anything. I have to be the one choosing. They can confirm I’m on the right path.

Today I had some lovely confirmations about my work for the next nine years. My focus is on the right things for me. The makeover is almost complete and I can’t wait to share my mission with everyone ?

Day 375 of my blogging challenge. 

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