Magical moments to treasure

imageI’m sitting at home writing my blog and remembering some magical moments from today. It’s a bit hard to believe that my Centre has been open now for two years. Not long by comparison to my mediumship (into it’s twelfth year in public) or my counselling (into it’s nineteenth year). Yet the Centre represents all of the amazing things that can happen when you find a little bit of magic. It was so kind of all the people who came & shared in the party. Also of all those who sent messages & good wishes because they couldn’t get there in person. I wasn’t sure that we could get to our second anniversary. 2015 was a hard year in many ways, with a lot of clearing of energy going on. Then the flooding in Hebden Bridge that nearly knocked the stuffing out of me and left many of the local people in challenging conditions. Yet today there were tears, laughter, warmth and compassion shining amongst the many conversations.

I watched as, magically, new connections were made amongst people who were meeting for the first time, long established friendships brought reminiscing chats and a wave of positive love filled the room. I finally saw what I have worked for all this time. The Centre has it’s own tribe. A like minded community of very different people. People who want to take time out of the busy world for a while and share with others. A community is made up of people and the best sort is one that cares for all it’s members unconditionally. I have always believed that connecting people to one another was the best way to bring out the natural desire we feel to be helpful. Making that connection in a warm, homely and friendly environment helps every one to remove the masks they might otherwise wear. So the support, interest and genuine care that our visitors shared with one another was a powerful confirmation for me that I’m doing something good.

I couldn’t do that without support. Each step of the last two years there have been other people who stood with me, encouraged me and helped me develop my vision. That’s another magical thing. When you work with honesty, ethics and a shared belief in doing the best you can the focus shifts from competition to collaboration. From me, me to us, us. I hope to welcome many new people into the Centre over this next year. I know they will find a warm welcome, positive support and an actively listening ear. If they feel the magic then they too will become part of the tribe. We have room for many more in our community. That community also lives online through my blogs, Facebook and so through my broadcasts. You are welcome to join our tribe too so I hope to hear from you soon about the magical way your life is unfolding.


Day 146 of my blogging challenge. 

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