Luxury Of Time By Myself: A Quiet Day

luxuryToday has been a luxury. I had planned for it to be a day by myself with nothing to do. It’s worked out that way too. Even for my Spirit connections.

I love having my Guide team around. I also love helping people by tuning in whenever I can. But it can be very tempting to keep the links wide open all of the time. Then it becomes unmanageable because the Spirit people step in all the time. They don’t know when I’m on down time. After all, they have no time as such in their existence. So my visitors have no idea what time, day or year it is when they stop by to talk. One of the first things I learned after how to open up my connections was how to close them. To have the luxury of silence in my head again. Although I still have to learn how to completely shut my own thoughts down!

So appreciate when I can have a day to myself. The luxury of not connecting, receiving and passing on messages. Of course I love my work and the comfort it can bring to people. Yet if I’m not careful it is all too easy to help everyone who messages, whatever the time of day or night, or to give my attention to Spirit people who want to chat. And I know that would be bad for my wellbeing. I’m like everyone else. I need a break. A rest from doing and some time for being. So every now and again I put a quiet day in my diary. Two if I can manage it. Then I do all the ordinary things I usually do. But with only me present in the room. It’s very peaceful. As well as a boost to my own energy.

Stepping out of my normal connections is like telling everyone to go home after a great party. When they have gone I can ease back, put my feet up and wind down.The luxury of time to myself means that I am refreshed by the quietness I have enjoyed. Then I can be ready for the next adventure. Have you taken any time out recently?

Day 746 of my blogging challenge

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