Lunch, Laughter and Love

img_2200It’s been a very relaxed day. As it’s my birthday I went out for lunch with some lovely friends. I also found myself in the middle of so much love and laughter too. I’ve had the best gifts I could have been given.

I usually keep my birthday quiet except for the key ones. It feel like I’ve had quite a lot of them so far. I also really like the idea from Alice in Wonderland that I can get away with merry un-birthdays too. So any excuse to go out for lunch and I’m there. Today was made special by the joy of sharing my day in such a fun way. Although I have to admit I wasn’t quite wide awake at 6am as my daughter sang me Happy Birthday. I appreciated the song but she wanted to know who owned the copywrite. Much toooooo early for me!

So I had a leisurely start to my day. Refusing to Google who owned the copywrite I thought about lunch. One of the best things in life is to spend some time with people you care about. I’m very lucky to know such a lot of fab people but I don’t always get to see them as much as I’d like, if at all. Some of my friends live on the other side of the world. Or at least a short plane trip away. Having lunch isn’t always possible in those circumstances. Yet I appreciate their energy in my life. And we do find time to share the laughter and love. The internet has made communications so easy and I really value the way I can keep in touch with my family and friends.

Lunch today was special because I imagined everyone had been able to join us. As we chatted I could hear other voices chipping in and sharing the laughter.

The love flowed over me in waves as I thought about what this or that person would have said. How they would have added to the jokes. I also heard the voices of my Energy friends. Spirit people gone from the Earth. Guides and inspirers. The Archangels en masse. Archangel Michael leading the chorus of hellos along with ArchAngel Etieliel. So many good wishes. So much delight in the laughter and friendship.  Thier presence reminded me that when all the material things have gone what is left is the gift of love. Unconditional love. Love without demands. As I enjoyed my lunch I thought about the box of Maltesers that my daughter had placed in a huge gift bag for me to have this morning.

The bag was perfect as it was all my colours. The Maltesers were perfect because they are made for sharing. And her card was perfect because, to her, I am, in her words, an amazing Mom. Nothing else was needed. Yet the gifts have continued. The company of my friends today. Wonderful wishes from my family. All the kind greetings from Facebook. Giving Reiki at the group this evening. Arranging new adventures. I even arranged to pick up my new to me car today too. Love is all about giving and receiving. Not necessarily only the material things in life. I gave myself the opportunity to be open to receive today. I loved myself enough to enjoy everything that happened. And I hope my energy radiated back out all of that love and more.

If we want to change the world we need to receive and give all the love and laughter we can ❤️

Day 323 of my blogging challenge.

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