Love My Words, Love My Voice

On the first of January I started a new writing challenge. Inspired 2 Write got me writing more, encouraging others and, today, publishing four guest blogs from other participants. It was outside of my comfort zone but I loved it. One of the pieces I wrote explains why I love my words and how I’ve learned to love my writing voice. Now I’m ready for Inspired 2 Write 2¬†which begins on 11th February.

As I did this post this morning I thought about revisiting something I’d already written. But that’s really not my way of writing. I like to put down what comes into my head when I’m sitting facing the blank screen. I’ve got much better at staring it down, dredging up the first few words or a sentence and going for it, so to speak.

And the word limit is interesting. I often find myself tap tap tapping away well past five hundred words. Especially when I’m really deep in the flow of the sound of my own voice. I do try to stop at twelve hundred though because that’s more like an article than a blog. Or the opening chapter of a book. When I check my writing back I always wonder if I’ve been repeating myself to get to so many words. I’m always surprised when I realise that my stream of consciousness stuff hardly ever doubles back into repetition. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of Just A Minute on Radio 4.

Added to that is my life long love of words. The bigger the better. Not that I can spell most of them correctly first time. Thank Goddess for predictive text and spell checking. Although I’m not encyclopaedic enough to play Scrabble. However, when I’m writing the words weave themselves into and out of sentences. They dance around the screen asking to be involved in my plot. Sometimes two or three fight over being included in a sentence. Then I find myself having to keep things fair by using all of them in several sentences.

The words drag the shape of my writing into new avenues. Different meanings emerge. I get to the end breathless and wondering how I got there. And there is often a long way from where I thought the piece of writing was going. I love it. I love the wild and free nature of the words that jump from my mind onto my screen. As they wrap around my plot, plan and intentions they tempt me to embrace the freedom of nonsense rhymes, the wildness of strongly felt emotions and the radical, rebellious viewpoints that sit quietly in my head waiting to show themselves.

Whew! The words promise a wild ride and they usually deliver. As I sit back and look at my completed piece I feel an elation that is almost overwhelming. It’s done. The words have been captured. Tamed ever so slightly. Pressed to the page. Telling a story of sorts. Something unintended has emerged. I am tempted to cut and prune, to edit with merciless abandon. But will that be what the words in my mind intended? Mostly I leave what I have written the way it is (apart from correcting typos). It was wild and free and it came to serve or entertain me. I thank the full page for being an expression of my creativity. And then I move on to the next piece.

Day 436 of my blogging challenge.

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