Love Life, Live Life, Live Love

img_2303Tonight I was doing a church service. Part of the service is about allowing my Guides to talk about something. Something they want to inspire us with. And I found myself talking about love.

We mostly live our lives in search of love. It’s part of our human hard wiring. I know that love can be experienced in many different ways. As a lover, partner, parent, sibling, friend, child, adult. Love comes into what we do, who we are, how we experience our world. I have been lucky and unlucky in love. I have lived for love. Sometimes I’ve thought I was going to die for love. It’s such a powerful, yet hard to pin down, emotion. Love can colour my life. Or the absence of love can make my world seem drab. There seem to be rules too. How much am I allowed to love myself without it being considered selfish? Who should I love more? Or less?

All I am sure of is that love can be the most uplifting and most painful of emotions. Often both at the same time. So when the Spirit speaker started to talk about love tonight I wondered what we were going to hear. Of course, I know that our Spirit communicators only come to speak because of love. They want us to understand how they live in the Spirit World. Which is not so different from here as it might seem. The biggest change is how much love there is. I know that we hope they have better lives and that love is all around. In fact the Spirit people want to transfer as much of their love to us as they can. Because they have an abundant flow of love energy.

Our loved ones have found it’s easy to live a life full of love. They are surrounded by love as they cross over. The healing power of love helps them to acclimatise too. And they are shown how much love they generated whilst they lived their Earth life.

That’s the big surprise. Mostly I forget that I am sending out a flow of loving energy. Every time I pay attention to someone I have the chance to make them a gift of love. Maybe a smile or kind word. Perhaps a listening ear. Or a shoulder to cry on. I also have the chance to have that love returned to me. Perhaps when I’m thirsty someone will offer to make me a cup of tea. When I’m tired someone will say sit down for a while. Or if I’m struggling with something the offer to ‘let me handle it’ will be made. Love really does live in this world. It’s up to me to notice how much I’m living in love. It’s also up to me how much love I accept. Remember, my loved ones are sending me love all of the time.

Do I notice it? Am I making myself aware of that extra love? As a medium I have an opportunity to pay more attention. I live in connection with the spirit World. In fact, I do their work. So do I let myself be filled up with the love they offer me? That’s the tricky bit about life. I can get distracted. It’s easy when things are upside down to feel that there is no love. Watching the news or listening to people stuck in negative talk I can miss the opportunity to notice the love. Life can seem very harsh or hard. Tonight my Guides reminded us once again of the love that is available at any moment. All I have to do to receive love is love my life and live it with love.

I’m sending you the energy of love. Please keep some for yourself and pass this ❤️️ wave on. I’d ❤️️ to catch it when it finds it’s way back to me ?

Day 357 of my blogging challenge. 

2 thoughts on “Love Life, Live Life, Live Love

  1. It is true Annie we get caught up in the drama of life and forget to stand still to appreciate who we truly are and what we truly have. I wonder why we often sabotage ourselves from feeling the love that surrounds and is available to us. It is too easy to forget this and so, thank you for this gentle reminder 🙂

  2. I know what you mean Angela. We seem to find it hard to step out of the drama all around us. I believe we are trained to fear rather than to love. Yet love is the only enduring power ❤️️

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