Love is in the air

imageIt’s nearly February! Valentine’s Day is on the way! Where did the first month of the year go? I sat with my lovely friend Jan Booth, the founder of Ostrich Angels today, as we both wondered how the time had managed to pass by in a blur. It was one of our regular catch ups to discuss the projects we are collaborating on. Both of us are independent women with a passion for what we do. Both of us follow our intuition in making our decisions. And both of us were drafted in by the Earth’s ArchAngels to distribute a new wave of positive energy flowing from them to all of us. That energy is unconditional Love.

By a series of synchronicities Jan & I met, developed a range of fragrances and turned that project into another range of fragrances which have turned into several more ranges. We’re not sure when it will all stop but we are loving every moment of the journey. That is the key thing underpinning our creative work. We love discovering more from the Energy Beings who step in close. We love all the ideas they bring us (even if some of these have to be ‘parked’ right now). We love that we don’t really know where we are going but the exploration is a great adventure.

So how are we helping to spread the Love? One of our first scents was the one we christened Love. We found we were developing a range we had to call the Pearls of Wisdom. Our Guides were very clear that this range would help people set an intention for themselves which would create the energy they gave out and received. Jan took the fragrance and turned it into a soap. That wasn’t enough though. Our Guides prompted, pushed and encouraged us to look at other ways the scent could get out into the world. A spray soon followed along with t light candles. The energy vibration of Love, based around rose quartz, appeals to a sense we often ignore. Yet we spend a lot of money on scent based products to make our selves and homes appealing.

I love the scent of Love. It reminds me of the newborn baby smell, a mix of talc, sweetness and bubblegum. When I use the spray on me I get an instant lift in my mood. Another way I put love in the air is to use the spray on my healing tree. Every day I send out distant healing. Using the spray reminds me that I’m sending out loving, supportive and positive energy to all who need it. It sets the intention for the help I want others to receive from the energy going out to them.

I work with energy vibrations. That is how I read Auras and connect with Spirit and other energy beings. Over time I’ve understood more and more that my personal energy vibration can become less clear, of lower energy and get clogged or stuck. The energy can stop flowing properly. A large part of developing my mediumship has been spending time cleaning up my energy so that the higher vibrational Energy Beings can connect with me more easily. Using the Love products has set my intention to myself. It has reminded me every day that I am a Spirit/Human being full of love and able to give & receive love. My vibration stays higher than it used to do. Just the smell of the soap or spray is enough to lift my mood. If you are now imagining me running into the bathroom to sniff my soap from time to time you are spot on, lol! I carry a spray in my handbag for a quick blast if I’m in a challenging situation. I’m totally hooked on Love.

What do you do to remind yourself that you are Love? How do you send out unconditional love? Do you let yourself receive the love that is all around you? Your Guides & Angels are tapping you on the shoulder. They want you to have that positive energy vibration from them and others. Love is in the air so make sure you get your share.

Day 72 of my blogging challenge.

3 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. What a lovely blog. I really enjoy our work together but most of all the great friendship that had developed. Thanks for sharing these loving words. x

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  3. Thank you Jan. It’s wonderful to be working with you on all of our projects but especially to find a true friend as a result of our collaborations ?

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