Lite of Spirit Spreading Light

imageI’m of on my travels once again. It’s the annual PartyLite Conference in Harrogate this weekend. Time for me to meet up with my team and enjoy a bit of down time.

Although I love my work for Spirit I also have to make sure that I have time for me. Keeping my feet on the ground is very important. It’s easy to end up spending all of my time “up” in the energy connecting to the Energy Beings. I sometimes forget to ‘get a life’ so to speak. One of the things my Guides encouraged me to do was be involved in candles and fragrances.

That may seem odd. But they want me to have a life outside of connecting for others all the time. So off I go, with my bag of candles, every once in a while, to meet new people and have some fun. I also get to work with some fab people who share my love of scents and candles too. Since I’m selling candles it also means that the income supports my Centre. That’s one of the magic bits about it all. I’m surrounded by lovely positive people. With their support I do something I love and the money is used to support other people. We are all sharing in the love one way or another.

Every time I go to the conference I have a chance to think about the year that has just finished. How much Spirit Light has gone out in the last tweleve months?

I guess I’m always a bit surprised at how much I have achieved. Even in the times when I’ve been really challenged by life, the universe and everything. It certainly hasn’t been the most smooth or easy year. Several personal challenges, business challenges and a lot to grow through. Yet I’m still standing. Doing better than I ever expected. Ready to move forward once again with a set of great goals. And some big dreams.

That’s the other thing about spending time with my PartyLite colleagues. I’m able to catch up with all they have also achieved and find out their new goals. This year we all have a new beginning too. The way in which our candle businesses work is changing. It’s definitely going to be an amazing step forward. There is a lot to wrap my head around. Yet the excitement we are all sharing is a powerful energy. It’s been so positive to feel the electricity of a new dream being shared by everyone in the room.

Life is always about balance. Finding the Spirit within and shining it through our clay overcoats.

No matter what I or anyone else do our underlying task is to be the best possible person we can. Not the most perfect. Or the most famous. Or the most spiritual. It’s about being our authentic self. Letting our skills and talents come to the surface. Being comfortable to be unique. Encouraging others to be unique, true to their abilities and doing what they can to make a difference for everyone they meet.

I love that my PartyLite friends are working their best to change their lives in so many different ways. It doesn’t matter why I started this work, or why anyone else did either. We have come together to share the party, share the fun and share our talents. That way we can contribute our own Light into the world. I know the world desperately needs more positivity, caring and sharing. How great that my teammates and I are focused on sharing just such a wave of energy!

Day 272 of my blogging challenge. 

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