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34093-2-550x550Candles feature very much in my life. I’ve been a buyer of candles, candle holders, wax melts & burners for many, many years. Yesterday I went along to a meeting based all around candles as I’m also a part time independent PartyLite consultant with a team. So now, like Ronnie Corbett,  I’m selling candles too. But those candles do occasionally turn into handles. Cue Ronnie Barker. As well enjoying using candles I get an opportunity to meet people who also love candles and, with my team, called Lite Spirits, to spread a lot of light.

Sometimes when I think about my journey into Spiritualism, communicating with Spirits and then passing on messages from the Spirit World I have to wonder what it’s all about. In fact I’ve spent most of my life wondering what Life is all about. Just when I think I understand why I’m here something else gets thrown into the mix and I’m back figuring it all out again. Was that four candles or fork handles? And what about the pump? If you have never seen the classic sketch from Ronnie’s Corbett and Barker please take a few minutes to have a laugh at the misunderstandings.

I’m aware that I can get so caught up in the meaning of life that I forget to have any life. Passing on accurate messages is a big responsibility. It matter so much to the people who need guidance, to hear from their loved ones, or to have some hope in their lives that taking my mediumship seriously is a key part of what I do. That doesn’t mean that there is no laughter, fun or cheerfulness in the connection with Spirit. It does mean that I try my very best to pass on the whole of the communication as clearly as possible. The Spirit people bring in their laughter and fun too so that is a lighter part of the connection. But like most people, when I’m working I know that underneath there is a responsibility to get the job done. Being able to take myself off to another occupation where fun is most definitely at the heart of what I do is a great benefit. And the laughter I share with people when I visit their homes with my candles is a wonderful gift.

It’s interesting that both of the things I love doing are about light. Creating, spreading and sharing the light. I chose to call my team Lite Spirits because the energy vibration from laughter is uplifting. It makes us feel lighter. For a few moments all of our concerns and cares drop away. We can’t feel worried for anxious when we are chuckling, giggling & belly laughing our way through the moments. That’s why we say laughter is the best medicine. The ability to laugh at ourselves, to take life lightly, can see us through bleak or challenging times. Now and again I’m lucky enough to have a chance to talk about my mediumship or the Spirit World when I’m selling candles. My Guides put me in front of someone who needs the information I can give them. At those moments I really do feel a lightness of spirit. I’m here doing what I was meant to be doing to be of service to the people who are supposed to cross my path.

One of the things I hear constantly when we talk about spirituality is that it involves spreading or shining the Light. What Light does that mean? Not the demand of the ego to be the one in the spotlight getting adoration & worship. We also use the Light to mean spreading knowledge, beliefs and values. Or when we are talking about setting an example. The Light can also be the Divine (if you have that as a belief system). Generally we want to be in the community of Light and sharing our Light. Yet, like the fork handles, understanding how to be the Light is harder. There is room for misunderstanding. Not all people who say they are spiritual are shining their Light. Sometimes they are a reflection; they have ‘borrowed’ another person’s Light and are passing it off as their own. Standing in your own true Light isn’t quite as easy as we wish. To do so you have to have a desire to serve yourself & others, an ability to laugh at yourself so you don’t take yourself too seriously and a willingness to be mindful of what you are doing.

So what about the handles? Being able to work with people across many situations gives me an opportunity to let them see that I’m an ordinary, down to earth human being. I can talk about what I do in a straightforward way. I can laugh about all the jokes about psychics who should have known better. I don’t mind being called Septic Peg. Because they have been in contact with me people have some knowledge about what and who a medium or psychic is. If they do decide they want to find out more they have a contact they can use. Or if they want to explore their own abilities there is a way, through me, to get suggestions or support. There is a way they can open doors they perhaps hadn’t though to explore. It’s worth being a handle, selling candles and bringing the Spirit Light into peoples lives.

Day 87 of my blogging challenge.

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