Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal: Which One Are You?

LightworkerI’m a lightworker. I’m often asked about what that means. As well as being asked about Indigo and Crystal people. It can get confusing. So I want to set out what my Guides have helped me understand about these different energy vibrations.

I’ve written in previous blog posts about Indigo and Crystal children but not specifically about the Lightworker vibration. Before I start I want to acknowledge the work of Doreen Virtue, Meg Blackburn Losey, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. These were the people my Guides directed me to when I was trying to make sense of the little child it seemed I had agreed to bring into the world. Their books were really helpful in getting me started with the ideas of different energy vibrations across a global population. They also made me feel much less alone in my journey.

Especially in the 3 or 4 am waking hours that my daughter insisted in keeping. Learning to understand my place as a lightworker also eased the challenges of living with an energy sensitive child. In fact, as I moved deeper into mediumship I began to understand what a gift I had been given. And to recognise that I had to stand firm for the requirements of my daughter. Even if that took me outside of the mainstream opinions about child rearing. But it seems that I was given enough strength and tenacity to do that because her upbringing has definitely been very different than mine or most of her peers.

I am especially grateful to my Mum. She said to me one day that only I would really know my child and to trust my intuition.Back then I had no idea what I had got into.Thank goodness for my Lightworker vibration!

Her words have been my sort of defence against the dark arts whenever negative energy has flooded into our lives. Although there have been several times when I thought the task I had been given would end up being too much for me, today I realise that is how many parents of Crystal children feel. Reading as much as I could was a good way to start. But, being the sceptic I was, I wanted more evidence. Proof really. Because I could see that I might have to revise my idea of what our relationship might be. And how we would interact in the world. That’s when my Guides stepped in.

I got a great deal of help by tuning into my intuition. It made my relationship with my daughter much easier. Then I started to learn about energy vibrations and the ways in which my energy and hers could influence each other.

Added to the energy of the people around us I began to see how both of us could be strongly affected too. That’s why I started to ask a lot of questions about being a Lightworker. After the Second World War, and almost fifty years of conflict, economic challenges and hate filled rhetoric the energy on the planet was extremely ‘heavy’. In other words, the vibration of the Earth was very low and operating at the negative end of the spectrum. It was decided to help humanity return to a more positive vibration. Especially since it was almost time for our world to make a big vibrational shift with an evolutionary leap forward. From about 1950 onwards a new type of Spirit incarnated into human bodies. This Lightworker Spirtit energy produced people who were willing to serve others. Almost at the cost of their own selves.

The essence of the Lightworker is of the angels. There is a connection to Divine Healing and Unconditional Love that makes us prone to gather up all sorts of waifs and strays in order to serve them.

Lightworkers don’t rebel. Except against being here in the first place. Because a lightworker has been human very many times. And I know I was hoping for a bit longer off planet than I actually got. If you are like me you will have conformed in school and at home, in your community and in your work. You will have been anxious to follow all the rules in case of upsetting anyone. Like me you will have wanted people to like you a little bit more than is good for you. Lightworkers can’t resist a rescue so I know I spent a lot of my time putting the needs of other before my own. All so I could see them happy.

Of course Lightworkers have had to get used to a lot of disappointment. I know that it is really hard for people to raise their vibration and live a positive life. Especially when most of the energy around is feeding fears. But by 1970, or thereabouts, enough of us had done our work and a new vibration of Spirit began to come in. I’ve met many, many Indigo people. Unlike a lightworker beavering away behind the scenes Indigos know they are here to make changes. Big changes. Indigos struggle in any system that restricts their ability to be free. I love talking to Indigos. They are so focused on competing their mission. And they don’t mind who knows it. But they are hampered by a lack of direct orders.

Indigos are very energy sensitive. So much so that many of them have found it almost impossible to live on the planet. They want to go home. But they also want to carry out their mission.

If only they knew what it was supposed to be. I look for Indigo vibrations in all those people who change jobs quite a bit. Who are restless. They are the people pushing things forward, full of innovative ideas, and frustration that no one will take the ideas on board. Many Indigos work for themselves. They love the planet and feel more comfortable with animals than people. Ask any Indigo to complete a task and it’s done. So long as they feel that what you have asked is a worthy task. Because they don’t like wasting time. I love watching a group of Indigos dream up several ways of doing something. Then decide to shoot off in all directions to try each solution.

Yet I’ve also seen the loyalty that Indigos share with one another. They are aware how sensitive the world makes them feel. So they protect one another as much as possible. Think Marines, or a troop of peace loving, planet hugging soldiers ready to stand their ground for what they believe in. They reject aggression and violence. But suffer a lot sometimes when the world hasn’t changed. I know that giving an Indigo a purpose, some intuitive protection and peaceful surroundings is the best way to keep them strong. Being strong is important because I also know that their combined vibration is what has made it possible for the Crystal Spirits to come in.

There are at least three blogs about Crystal children where I explain about their loving vibration. Living with a crystal is both a challenge and a blessing. For that reason I’m very glad I am a Lightworker.

The Spirits who carry a Crystal vibration started coming in about 2000 and until about 2005 they found the vibration we live in very hard to deal with. If the Indigos are sensitive to energy the Crystals are over-sensitive. They struggle with low vibrational emotions including their own. They are a battery of positive, unconditional love. So I know they find it hard to live here. They often say they want to leave. They collect up other peoples negative emotions like it is water. Then they pour it out all over their parent(s). Many times I’ve had to help my daughter find a way to shield herself from the impact of other people. And show her how to release stuck energy.

Crystals are often classified when they get to school. There are a number of labels used to account for their sensory, mental and emotional differences. However, these children and teenagers are intelligent, spiritual and peaceful. Those born after 2005 can also handle the energy here much better than the earliest ones. They are also old souls. And have been off the planet for a long time, so may take quite a while to adjust to being back in a flesh and blood body. Crystals are fearless. mainly because death has no meaning for them. They tend not to tire because they can pull energy from the people around them. Their aim is to do well and share love. But struggle when their love is rejected.

People are finally waking up to their spiritual purpose. It’s time to embrace being a Lightworker, Indigo or Crystal. I feel that there is so much more we can all achieve when we understand our individual and family vibrations. Do you know your energy vibration yet?

Day 722 of my blogging challenge

5 thoughts on “Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal: Which One Are You?

  1. I still have no idea what I am… but I’m something. Lol that sounds odd.. but I just know there is something.. I’m still learning.

  2. Hi Annie,
    I am both an Indigo and Lightworker. I wasn’t aware of any of this until very recently.

    Multiple mediums told me that I was being contacted in my sleep to be a lightworker. That did explain a few out of body experiences I’ve had and the visitation by the thing in the doorway that paralyzed me and had light all around it. I saw the silhouette of it and now that I look back did resemble how an angel might look if its wings were cloaked. It was terrifying at the time though!

    I had multiple experiences that led me to be a psychologist, RN and eventually hypnotherapist. That is what I do now and have been in private practice for years. Loving every day and shifting energies of my patients is truly fulfilling far beyond the insurance analysis job I used to do (yuck).

    Recently an angel medium singled me out and pulled me aside and told me I was an Indigo. I hadn’t thought about it because I’ve always seen they were supposed to look a certain way blah blah but then I had an auric photograph taken and it was indigo all around. The woman was shocked because there were about 5-7 angelic orbs all around my head helping to bring in the indigo psychic information. Then I read an article about how indigo’s have crystal and rainbow children and it hit me that I really was one.

    My daughter is 10 and is a crystal child and my son is a 5 year-old rainbow child. He actually is very gender non-conformist and has been since he was 2 yrs old. We’ve tried to get him into boy stuff thinking he wasn’t exposed…but it’s just how he is. An angel told me to just “love him” and he would be fine.

    Since I realized what I am I’ve had even more experiences outside of my office. Before, the truly amazing phenomena was reserved when I was actually helping my patients. I would get phrases and feelings that I would have to type out or write or they wouldn’t go away. Then a minute or 2 later the patient would say that exact phrase! It has since developed into getting information up to the seconds before I treat patients about how best to manage their care that day. Even during hypnosis I get a lot of info. coming to me (sometimes).

    I have had a few negative entities that have tried to attack me though. That was an issue before I started protecting myself more. It hasn’t happened since and a stalker finally stopped out of the blue when I performed a prayer of releasement. He was literally stalking me so badly that I considered closing down and went to file a restraining order on a Friday. An angel told me to give it the weekend. I did the prayer and he never contacted me again. I did have a demon king attack me in my sleep when I was helping a patient who would often find himself punching himself in the face. I prayed that I was going to tell him about the entity and it attacked me the night before his appointment.

    I haven’t had anything negative happen since I learned to connect to God in my heart more. I have been protected ever since. But it does seem my children are targets now. They have frequent nightmares and my daughter has always seen a man who used to try to play with her and has started scaring her. I taught her about the white light but you know kids…they have to kind of learn for themselves too.

    Just wanted to let you know that I love everything that you wrote and it resonates 100%. Keep up the good work!

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