Lighting the shadows

imageShadows. We all have to work with situations that we think are black and white but often turn out to be anything other than clear cut. There is a shadow area where we can get lost in a loop of  misunderstanding, half truths and little or no reliable information. Bringing a beam of light into the shadow areas, lighting up the issues and making a more informed decision pushes the shadow choices away. What do I mean?

I have a situation that I would like to respond to from a spiritual perspective. I want to offer all of the participants unconditional love myself included. I would like my thoughts, words and actions to bring the light of truth to the issues. I don’t want to cause hurt or harm but if I take no action then I will be the one hurt or harmed. So how do I turn this around? How do I move out of the grey areas by taking the spiritual way? It always helps me to remove situations from the personal to the objective as much as possible. That way the drama that is being enacted won’t necessarily suck me in. Of course I’m human so my feelings and thoughts are going to be an important part of how I am going to respond. However, when I get stuck in cloudy energy I always ask my Guides to help me. Their help can light up the situation for me. It can push back the shadows and lighten me too.

One of the ways my Guides work with me, through events that I might react to strongly, is to help me recognise when something is about to happen. They boost my intuition or give me more signs that I need to be mindful of my energy field. They also make sure that I get extra healing energy downloaded ready for me to be boosted through any troubles. When something happens – say someone attacks, disrespects or is trying to trick me – they also send me signals too. I call them my confirmations. If something is confirmed three times I stop trying to work out why & how and start trying to sort out what I want to do. It’s important for me to to meet negativity with positivity. I want to shine my light brighter to show that we can rise above our impulsive aggression. So my Guides are also there to encourage me to find a positive solution to any situation.

If I need a direct message they will make sure I get one. If I consult my oracle cards they will show me what strength I can use, an attitude to practice or remind me that a peaceful heart is worth more than any amount of gold. They will also make sure I am reminded of that truth – what you give out you get back. In the shadows it’s easy to forget that all the negatives you give out will return to you one by one, magnified and in unexpected ways. The light path is all about recognising that truth and being determined not to slide into the shadows again. It isn’t cowardice or fear or weak to turn the other cheek. Especially if you have a strong jaw. You are saving yourself untold future misery instead.

So if someone or something is casting a shadow over you don’t give them or the situation any of your light. Don’t dim yourself. Keep shining as brightly as possible. In the end your light will always chase the shadows further away.

Day 100 of my blogging challenge.

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