Letting Spirit Speak Though Me

There are days when connecting seems a little bit harder than usual. And days when Spirit speaks so plainly that it is unmistakeable. I work hard to get more of the second type of day than the first.

I find that those people who doubt that we can connect to non-physical beings always point out a lack of consistency in messages. They use the reality that I can’t always get a perfect connection as the point in which they dismiss everything I say. Apparently it’s not scientific. For a long time I was frustrated with this dismissal. Of everything I knew was genuine for the Spirit World. I asked Spirit Beings to explain, over and over, why my connections could be hit and miss. They kindly gave me lots of examples and explanations.

Because connecting with a Spirit is subject to rules. Quite predictable rules. And yes, the messages and evidence can be variable over time and circumstances. But there are reasons why. Understandable reasons if you consider communication as a matter of exchanging energy. In the end, I found that the more I practiced, developed and understood the connections and energy the better I could make a link to Spirit. Today was one of the days when everything worked. The Spirit visitor was loud and clear, making his presence felt immediately. It was wonderful to witness the reactions of my client as the evidence and support flowed through the words I was asked to speak.

What I have learned from understanding the Spirit rules is that the best connections are when I step to one side and let the loved ones speak.

What this means in practice is that I do my very best to say everything I feel, see, hear and sense. Whilst I am in connection with a loved one I am busy being a reporter. Not guessing. Or saying what I think or feel. I’m not an interpreter of the message. I give exactly what they give to me. Because that way my client will know whether this is their loved one or not. After all, someone you have known and loved has their own ways. They use certain words or phrases. Or gestures. They have certain things about their lives that only the client will recognise. And when it all comes together the person getting the message will know for sure who is speaking to them.

So I’ve had a good day. Someone went away feeling the love of their Spirit family still around them. Encouraged to be hopeful about life and it’s challenges. I feel really blessed to be part of that communication process. It’s something I will always be grateful for. From where I started to where I am now has been an amazing journey. No wonder I want to go to work every morning hoping that my day is going to be full of plain speaking from Spirit.

Day 431 of my blogging challenge.

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