Learning From Nature

img_4826One of the things I really enjoy is taking my work outdoors. Today I got the chance to do some one to one development whilst walking along the river. Learning can be far more pleasant if the classroom if full of beauty.

As I walked along the sound of the river reminded me of the ebb and flow of my emotions. Sometimes I feel calm. Occasionally I feel like I’m tumbling and rushing along. And sometimes I feel like I am going round in circles. I watched the way of this small river as it tumbled over the rocks, circles around the stones and undergrowth and flowed easily through straight stretches. I was attracted by the bubbles on th esurface in one or two places. These were in the stretches after the rapids. It seemed to me Nature was showing me how release energy. All I have to do is let my emotions bubble to the surface and be carried away.

Siting on a rock I looked at the trees. Tall, closely grouped families. Trees with bends and twists to keep a hold on the land. Roots that clung to the stone wall as if now a part of the structure. Fallen trees gone from their spot, beaten by the weather or time. I saw the bright autumn colours, reds, yellow, orange. Bare trunks decorated with vibrant green moss, lichen, mushrooms. Bark patterned in whorles, spirals, circles as if displaying the best abstract paintings available. It’s an amazing thought – that these trees have root connections under the surface that allow them to communicate. I love that in Nature all these growing things lives in harmony.

Siting out in Nature I made contact with the water Sprites, the Gnomes and the Fairies who look after the land. Because we mostly fail to do so.

Is that because we take Mother Earth’s abundance completely for granted now? Somewhere along the line we have become disconnected from our environment. I know it’s easy to do. Busy lives, or what we fill our lives with, keep us running here and there. Cars are convenient. Our gardens tend to be organised and tame to save time. That’s the real issue. Often it comes down to thinking there is no time for the Nature side of life. Except when we are children. Today I remembered running in meadows, splashing through mud, chasing fallen leaves across the hillside. Yet all that seemed to fade as I grew older. More sedate. Adult.

It seems to be our human nature that when we reach a certain age we loose sight of all that the planet has to offer us. As I looked at the roots of one of my favourite trees I remembered my first sight of it. It was well before I learned to connect with Energy Beings. Walking along the path looking for a comfortable place to sit I noticed that it’s roots looked like a seat. Alongside the seat, between the roots were gaps that looked like fairy doors. Little dark hollows where my imagination could place the Fae creatures who would tend the tree or woods. Of course I could say it was all imagination. However, that tree became my friend. It was a shelter for me many times when I was troubled. And I always felt that I was not alone.

So once again today I was reminded of the true nature of all things. That time flows and everything passes. What remains is the planet beneath our feet.

It seems to me that we need to reconnect to our planet. That by doing so we will remember and appreciate how precious it is. In front of me today was the whole cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The trees have started to loose their leaves. As they fall and decay the leaves will feed the tree until it is time for the new leaves to grow again. The tree is home to all sorts of life which will continue to thrive in the shelter of the tree. The water that feeds the tree will help in that wonderful process of producing the oxygen I breath. So I too will be sheltered by the interaction of the water and land that sustains the tree.

That is the lesson. Everything fits together. It’s all connected. Me, the tree, the water, the land. How better to know what energy is flowing through all of us than to sit in Nature and feel the gentle breath of Mother Earth bringing life to all of this. As if to offer me more proof I was fascinated to find certain people walking the path too today. People who I haven’t seen for a while. But each one offering a message, in one way or another, to supplement the teaching I was doing. Synchronicity brought them across my path. I’m sure it was to grab my attention, to get me focused on the joy of being in Nature. Perhaps I had forgotten for too long. Been too busy to visit. I came back refreshed and inspired. What a perfect reminder of all the abundance I have.

Day 352 of my blogging challenge. 

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