Laughter Raises the Roof

imageOne of the most precious things we have is our ability to laugh. Laughter can shift even the most gloomy clouds. When I’m surrounded by ┬áchallenges that might bring me out of a positive mood I look for reasons to chuckle. Or giggle. Even just to smile a little.

Today has been a day full of laughter. There were smiles as everyone arrived at the Centre for the Reiki Refresh group. There were chuckles about the slight aches of my exercise exploits. And there was a burst of laughter when we heard my daughter’s loud chortles coming through the door. Laughter is both infectious and contagious. I know that if I smile some else will return that smile. It’s also true that when we laugh others can’t help joining in. When I do a message or a service I hope to share the chuckles. Or giggles.

That’s because I also know how much the Spirit World appreciates when we are happy. A laugh is an upbeat moment. If I can raise my vibration by appreciating the moment, the fun, the silliness, then I’m open to more of the same. It’s also true that a positive flow of feeling creates a ‘glow’ in our aura. That glow attracts the Spirits who want to communicate from their side of life. They love to bring more of that positive glow so that we are open to connecting with them. It’s because they want to share more love. I know that our loved ones want to boost the love that is around us. Even in our grief they want us to find the funny stories, the cheerful moments of memories.

If I can find the laughter even at the worst of times my loved ones know I will find the joy at the best of times.

I know it’s difficult to believe that my loved ones are there. Or it used to be. Now I have had so much proof, bit by bit, over and over, that I am sure they are there. In troubled times they have arranged for me to see the signs and signals that got me smiling again. Even when I wasn’t open enough to understand that they were communicating with me all the time. The signs were unmissable. They still are. I’m sure that whatever comes my way my Guides, family and friends on the other side will make sure I have a chance to laugh out loud. After all, they have connected me to people on this side of life who love to chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw and whoop.

Day 285 of my blogging challenge.

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